US Rep. Culberson on AM radio this morning encouraged everyone to come to SV City Hall at noon today to let the "environmental whackos" who want to stop the freeway know that there is overwhelming support for it. Spring Valley Council Member Kyle Sears just might qualify as one of Rep. Culberson's "environmental whackos." Council Member Sears gave the recommendation below to a SV constituent concerned about the negative impacts of the proposed plan:
the mtg is with culberson, the us rep for our area, not txdot reps. i recommend that woodsburough and the other areas band together and start communicating with him. he needs to know his constituents in sv are not happy with the treatment they are receiving from txdot. he needs to know that we are not happy about being sacrificed for his constituents out west. more importantly, he needs to know that the us vs them scenario does not have to exist. he needs to know that he can help us and them. he needs to know we expect to be helped. he needs to know that we think he is uniquely situated to solve our problems while trying to solve the problems of his other constituents. he needs to know that we expect him to legislate the change if required. he needs to remove, by political clout or legislation, all of the txdot excuses for not buying row and constructing walls in the row and on the fwy if that's what it takes to solve the noise issues. he needs to hear from voters not just elected officials. he needs to receive constant communication from sv residents about the walls, etc. thanx for the email. kyle r sears council mbr
As announced by Spring Valley City Council, this a Special Meeting of the City Council of the City of Spring Valley, Texas, to be held on Friday, August 30, 2002, at 12:00 Noon, at 1025 Campbell Road, in the Council Chambers.