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White and Parker

I’m not particularly concerned about this.

Gov. Rick Perry has found an unlikely — and apparently unwitting — ally in his effort to paint Bill White as a liberal spendthrift who left Houston in arrears: Mayor Annise Parker.

As she unveiled her $4.1 billion budget Tuesday and Wednesday, the mayor played a starring role in several broadsides from Perry’s campaign. And though Parker said repeatedly this week that she inherited a “well-run city” from White, a Democrat campaigning to unseat the governor, it was not the first time her words became instant fodder in the race.

For a pair who maintained a cordial relationship while White was mayor, the growing tension has become a surprising development to close associates of both leaders, one that may have high stakes in White’s underdog attempt to oust the Republican incumbent in a state that still leans heavily to the right.

It’s not Mayor Parker’s job to be part of the Bill White for Texas team, but as the story notes she’s had plenty of positive things to say about his tenure as well. Perry may use her words, but she’s not going to echo what he’s saying, and if anyone bothers to ask, she’ll make it clear that she’s not agreeing with Perry. The funny thing is that anything negative Perry may want to claim about Houston is at least as true about Texas itself. At least Houston managed to solve its budgetary problems without massive cuts, which won’t be the case for the state. I think Perry will have his hands full responding to all the attacks that will be coming about his own truly inept tenure as Governor. Campos has more.

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