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Weekend link dump for March 4

It’s madness, I tell you.

Here’s the best argument I’ve ever seen for wearing tight, revealing clothes.

Pinterest may need to emulate YouTube to ward off copyright issues.

You would think that the Mets would have bigger things to worry about than kosher hotdogs.

Hey, Rick Santorum, you and Satan have more in common than you think.

Women are smarter than men about social media.

The Heartland Irony Institute.

How to make the best of that old, crappy computer.

One possible explanation for how Ryan Braun beat the PED rap against him. And a reminder why the judiciary is in general a better option than paid arbiters.

How not to dispose of surplus sodium.

“Active” video games are not actually substitutes for exercise. Dang.

The late Gary Carter deserves a statue at Citi Field. Even as a Yankee fan, I know that.

Any story that includes Jeri Ryan showing the world her spatula is a good story. Oh, and with Penn Jillette showing his twine. Seriously.

“Hello, Mr. Occam? Can we please use your razor? Thanks.”

Kids who play sports tend to eat more junk food as well.

I wonder if being born on Leap Day is genetic.

RIP, Davy Jones. Not being a 60’s teenybopper, I wasn’t a huge fan of The Monkees, but they made some good, durable music. How many other prefab, marketing-driven bands can say that?

Reforming copyright law is still a good idea.

“When it comes to federal spending, anyone who spends more than 10% of their time rabble-rousing about anything other than healthcare costs really shouldn’t be taken seriously.”

“The story is simple: A bunch of black rats almost wiped out a bunch of gigantic bugs on a little island far, far away from most of us. A few dedicated scientists, passionate about biological diversity, risked their lives to keep the bugs going. For the bugs to get their homes and their future back doesn’t depend on scientists anymore. They’ve done their job. Now it’s up to the folks on Howe Island.”

Oprah’s Book Club did not help book sales, at least according to one study.

Another reason why it’s better to be alive now: There were giant fleas in the prehistoric days.

From your blog to God’s ears.

Sandra Fluke continues to be awesome.

If Gregg Williams isn’t banned for life from the NFL, he isn’t being punished enough.

It really is impossible to see the vitriol spewed at Sandra Fluke as anything but unmitigated misogyny. For sure, Rush Limbaugh has a seething hatred of women. And let’s not let Bill O’Reilly off the hook, either.

I think there is a case to be made that Wilt Chamberlain was the greatest NBA player ever. Statistically, at least, he dominated that league the way Babe Ruth dominated MLB.

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