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Mayoral finance reports for July

Let’s go to the press releases for the initial hype. Here’s Mayor Parker’s announcement of her fundraising haul for the July report. Houston Mayor Annise Parker has raised more than $2.2 million for her re-election campaign since February, with the support of nearly 2,000 individual donors and organizations and without loaning her campaign any personal […]

Mayoral multitude

Campos has an update on who’s running for what. Commentary dropped by the City Secretary Office a couple of days ago to check out the latest campaign treasurer designations. Here is who I will add to my political page later on today: For Mayor: Keryl Douglas, Eric Dick, Michael Fitzsimmons, and Victoria Lane. For At-Large […]

Midyear 2013 election update

Back in January, I took an early look at the 2013 elections in Houston. At the request of the folks at the Burnt Orange Report, who also printed my initial overview, here’s an update on the races in the city of Houston in 2013. Mayor Back in January, Mayor Parker had no declared opponents, though […]

Ben Hall’s tax problem

Oops. A campaign video shows Ben Hall, the former city attorney who is now running for mayor, sitting in a classroom amid a group of schoolchildren as his voiceover talks about the importance of education. “Our children are our future,” Hall says, with music swelling in the background. “They deserve the very best education that […]

Hall makes his announcement

Game on. Former Houston City Attorney Ben Hall formally launched his mayoral campaign against incumbent Annise Parker Wednesday night, decrying the burden of taxes and fees he said are driving city residents to the suburbs, and saying Houston’s mayor must have a grander vision. Parker, also on Wednesday, accepted the endorsement of the Houston Police […]

Hall inches closer to running

He’s still qualifying it, but Ben Hall sounds like a candidate for Mayor. Former city attorney Ben Hall says this time, he’s really ready to run for mayor. “I intend to be on the ballot, if the Lord gives me good health in 2013,” Hall said. The longtime trial lawyer has flirted with politics before, […]

Ben Hall is a definite maybe for Mayor in 2013

I know, I’m as excited as you are. Former City Attorney Ben Hall, long rumored to be considering a run for mayor, said Tuesday that “It’s more likely than not” that he will run for mayor next year. Hall has been most prominent recently as the attorney for Chad Holley. The black teenager was fleeing […]

Precinct analysis: The 2011 Mayor’s race

I finally have a draft canvass of the 2011 Harris County vote. You know what that means. Here’s the breakdown in the Council districts for the Mayor’s race: Dist Simms Ullman Wilson Herrera Parker O’Connor ===================================================== A 4.41% 1.28% 16.31% 18.03% 41.89% 18.09% B 22.41% 3.02% 11.92% 12.71% 43.80% 6.14% C 1.65% 0.83% 9.11% 11.21% […]

Look at me! Look at meeeeee!

I have one thing to say about this. With three months until election day, attorney Benjamin Hall still hasn’t declared whether he’s running against Mayor Annise Parker. “I have not taken myself out of the contest,” Hall told me late last week. He also told me, “I’ve decided, but I’ve just not announced.” Hall is […]

Mayor Parker officially kicks off her re-election campaign

We were out of town over the weekend, so I missed this. An Easter weekend campaign event replete with rousing speeches, dogs of both the hot and four-legged variety and a kids’ Easter egg “scramble” kicked off Mayor Annise Parker’s re-election bid Saturday at Discovery Green. With no announced opposition so far, Parker’s bid to […]

Locke and Lanier endorse Parker

More support for Mayor Parker’s re-election bid. Mayor Annise Parker on Wednesday scored the endorsements of her 2009 opponent Gene Locke and former Mayor Bob Lanier, two of Houston’s most prominent power brokers, as she prepares to ask voters for a second two-year term in November. […] “She’s bringing the city together,” Locke said Wednesday. […]

Locke is in, Hall is out

This comes as no surprise. It went as expected at this morning’s press conference. Former City Attorney Gene Locke is running for mayor of Houston in the November election. Former City Attorney Benjamin Hall III, who never officially declared his candidacy, will not run. As expected, by me and by others. On the assumption that […]

Monday morning Mayoral intrigue

The following just hit my Inbox: Benjamin Hall and Gene Locke Announce Joint Press Availability When: 9:30 a.m. Monday, February 10, 2009 Where: 530 Lovett Boulevard, Houston, 77006 Ben Hall and Gene Locke invite you for a press availability Monday morning to discuss issues concerning Houston’s 2009 Mayoral race. The meeting will last approximately 20 […]

First impressions

I’ve said that I intend to keep an open mind about the Mayoral race, because I just don’t know enough about all of the potential contenders at this point. But as the old saying goes, it won’t be so open that my brain falls out. Case in point, from Rick Casey’s column about Benjamin Hall. […]

Parker to announce for Mayor today

City Controller Annise Parker will formally announce has candidacy for Mayor today. “Houstonians want a mayor who can lead the city through tough economic times, and a mayor who can continue our forward progress with jobs and neighborhoods,” she said in an interview last week. “I have the skill set to do these things,” she […]

Locke files his treasurer’s report

Former City Attorney Gene Locke has filed his treasurer’s report for the Mayor’s race. I’ve got his press release beneath the fold. He was joined in doing so by City Controller Annise Parker and (be still my heart!) Roy Morales, who says he plans to “merely raise money with which to explore the idea of […]