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When will we have that special election in SD06?

Sylvia Garcia would like to know. Senate District 6 candidate Sylvia Garcia, today called on Governor Rick Perry to set an election date to fill the senate district seat as soon as possible. “This is a simple taxation without representation issue,” Garcia said. “The working families of our district, most of whom are Latino and […]

On voter confidence

There was one more interesting aspect to that poll of Harris County from last week, and it had to do with how confident voters were that the vote they cast would be counted. This KUHF story goes into that result. A new KUHF/KHOU poll shows that black voters aren’t as confident as other voters that […]

Texas Supreme Court dismisses voting machine lawsuit

This came out late Friday. Dealing a blow to critics of electronic voting machines, the Texas Supreme Court on Friday dismissed a case brought by Travis County voters that alleged the machines were not secure or reliable. The machines “are not perfect. No voting system is,” Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson said in his opinion. But […]

Census forms start arriving next week

Fill out those forms and send them back, because redistricting and all that it entails will follow close behind. Experts’ early looks at Census estimates point to a potential new congressional district in northwest Harris County. That could be alluring to state Sen. Dan Patrick, R-Houston, who represents the area in the Legislature. A new […]

No official guess on turnout

The Secretary of State doesn’t want to speculate about turnout for today’s election. “We are not making a projection on the turnout for tomorrow,” Russell Dillard, spokesman for Texas Secretary of State Hope Andrade, said Monday. “It’s pretty difficult to do for primary elections.” […] Andrade is reluctant to guess an overall number because recent […]