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Saturday video break: Just A Little Lovin’

How about a little throwback country/pop from Dusty Springfield? Such a great voice. I need to find more of her stuff. For a more modern take on that song, here’s Adrian Lynne: Very nice, though I kind of like the fact that Springfield does that in about half the time. And for a different song […]

Friday random ten: In the city, part 12

A very California-centric episode today. 1. San Francisco Bay Blues – Eric Clapton 2. San Jacinto – Peter Gabriel 3. San Lorenzo – Pat Metheny Group 4. Santa Ana – Bruce Springsteen 5. Santa Ana Woman – The Bobs 6. Santo Domingo – Rodrigo y Gabriela 7. Say Goodbye To Hollywood – Billy Joel 8. […]

Saturday video break: Jump

It was the year 1984, the year Van Halen gave us this: Albums like 1984 hghlight a problem with our streaming-and-downloads music market these days. Back then, when men with hair like David Lee Roth strutted on the earth, bands made albums whose songs some sometimes interconnected. You can play “Jump” without first playing “1984” […]

Friday random ten: In the city, part 11

Still more New York! And other places, too. 1. Pflugerville – Austin Lounge Lizards 2. Philadelphia Freedom – Hall and Oates 3. Phoenix Get Cured – Stereogum vs team9 4. Phone Call From Leavenworth – Chris Whitley 5. Riga In The Fall – Gavin Guss 6. Road Movie To Berlin – They Might Be Giants […]

Saturday video break: I’ve Seen All Good People/Your Move

Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs take on a typically tricky Yes staple: I love Susanna Hoffs’ voice, and I love her interpretation of this song. You should definitely check out her various collections of covers with Sweet, called “Under The Covers”, volumes one through (I believe) three, with each focusing on a specific decade, starting […]

Friday random ten: In the city, part 10

New York, New York, so nice they said it twice… 1. New York State Of Mind – Billy Joel 2. New York State Of Mind – Rowlf the Dog 3. New York, New York – Big Daddy 4. The Night Chicago Died – Paper Lace 5. Nutbush City Limits – Ike & Tina Turner 6. […]

Saturday video break: It’s The End Of The World As We Know It

It’s one of my favorite Celtic bands doing their thing with this REM classic: The was Great Big Sea, the finest band from Newfoundland. Hard to believe you could take that song up-tempo, but there you have it. For comparison purposes, here’s the original: I do, in fact, feel fine. How about you? (Yes, I […]

Friday random ten: In the city, part 9

In which New York gets its revenge… 1. Miami 2017 (Seen The Light Go Out On Broadway) – Billy Joel 2. Mission To Moscow – Hot Club of Cowtown 3. Mobile – Marcia Ball 4. Mobile Bay – Flying Fish Sailors 5. My Home Town / Kalabakan – Battlefield Band 6. My Love Is In […]

Saturday video break: It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie

Combining two of my favorite things in this post, beginning with the Asylum Street Spankers: Man, I miss these guys. I caught every show they did in Houston for several years running, including some in the most smoke-filled room in town, a dive called Rudyard’s, back before the city’s no-smoking ordinance was extended to bars […]

Friday random ten: In the city, part 8

More Memphis! 1. Leningrad – Billy Joel 2. Lisdoonvarna – Ceili’s Muse 3. Liverpool Sunset – Gerald Jay Markoe 4. Lodi – Creedence Clearwater Revival 5. London Homesick Blues – Flying Fish Sailors 6. (Making The Run To) Gladewater – Michelle Shocked 7. Marching Bands Of Manhattan – Death Cab for Cutie 8. Memphis Exorcism […]

If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow, you must acquit

I knew there was a lawsuit going on over the provenance of Stairway to Heaven, but I hadn’t realized there were Texas connections to it. In a few weeks, jurors will decide if Led Zeppelin lifted the guitar intro to “Stairway to Heaven” from an instrumental song “Taurus” by the California psychedelic pop-rock band Spirit. […]

Saturday video break: Istanbul (Not Constantinople) revisited

I posted three videos of the classic “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” a few years back, including a video of the original, by The Four Lads. Now here’s a video of the They Might Be Giants version, done over a montage of “Pink Panther” cartoons: And here are four rats from the short-lived “Muppets Tonight” doing a […]

Friday random ten: In the city, part 7

Spanning the globe, week after week… 1. (Is Anybody Going to) San Antone – Doug Sahm And Band 2. Istanbul (Not Constantinople) – They Might be Giants/Lager Rhythms 3. I’ve Been To Memphis – Lyle Lovett 4. I’ve Got A Gal In Kalamazoo – Glenn Miller 5. Jerusalem – Eddie From Ohio 6. Jimmy’s Gone […]

Saturday video break: Inside Out

From their second album, which was of course called “Volume 3”, the Traveling Wilburys: Not bad, and a treat to see George Harrison again. They just weren’t quite as good without Roy Orbison, though. And for a completely different song with the same name, here’s Phil Collins from his third album, which was not called […]

Friday random ten: In the city, part 6

Some old familiar places this week. 1. Halfway To Memphis – Sammy Hagar 2. Halley Came To Jackson – Mary-Chapin Carpenter 3. A Heart In New York – Art Garfunkel 4. Hello Hopeville – Michelle Shocked 5. Hey Marseilles – Heart Beats 6. Hideaway Tokyo – Pretty & Nice 7. HOOPS Yes! (FC Dallas) – […]

Saturday video break: In The Mood

Still one of my favorite songs, from one of my favorite bands: As a sax player who was in jazz band in high school, Glenn Miller was my first musical love. And let me tell you, the sax part for that song is a killer. But it feels amazing when you get it right. That […]

Friday random ten: In the city, part 5

A bit of international flair this week. 1. Flowers of Edinburgh – Jim Malcolm 2. From Dacca – Eddie From Ohio 3. Funky Nassau, Part 1 – The End Of The Beginning 4. Gallipoli – SixMileBridge 5. Galveston Bay – Bruce Springsteen 6. Galway Farmer – Ceili’s Muse/Maggie Drennon 7. The Girl From Ipanema – […]

Saturday video break: In The Air Tonight

A classic of the 80s, from a pre-bald Phil Collins: Collins gets a lot of guff for hist stylized, very-80s albums, but I thought “Face Value” and “Hello, I Must Be Going!” were great. I loved his re-take on Genesis’ “Behind the Lines”, and I’m always a sucker for a good horn riff. I wore […]

Friday random ten: In the city, part 4

Hello, Detroit! 1. Debbie Does Montreal – team9 vs. Stereogum 2. Detroit – Black Gold 3. Detroit City – Alice Cooper 4. Detroit Rock City – Kiss 5. (Don’t Go Back To) Rockville – R.E.M. 6. Don’t You Hear Jerusalem Moan – Asylum Street Spankers 7. Dunmore Lassies – Chieftains and Ry Cooder 8. East […]

Saturday video break: I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry

The Cowboy Junkies take on Hank Williams: I love the ethereal quality of Margo Timmins’ voice. Her singing just floats over the music. Not everyone can make that work, but she does. And for the opposite end of the vocal spectrum, here’s Johnny Cash: Cash is joined by Nick Cave, which is eminently suitable for […]

Friday random ten: In the city, part 3

I love geographical lists. 1. Back To Chico – Clandestine 2. The Barn Yards Of Calgary – SixMileBridge 3. Buffalo Gals – Bruce Springsteen 4. Chattanooga Choo Choo – Glenn Miller 5. Chattanooga Shoeshine Boy – Georgetown Chimes 6. Chicago Falcon – The Budos Band 7. Christmas In Hollis – Run-DMC 8. Cold Chicago – […]

Saturday video break: I’m Beginning To See The Light

A classic and a standard, performed by Bobby Darin: The version I have is from the soundtrack to the movie Swingers, and I feel like Darin enunciates differently in that one. I can’t find a video for that, however, so you’ll have to take my word for it. When you hear “standard”, that usually means […]

Friday random ten: In the city, part 2

More city songs! We’re going to be at this for awhile, actually. 1. Asheville/Crashville – Austin Lounge Lizards 2. Babylon – Clandestine/David Gray/Don McLean 3. Back To Tyrone – SixMileBridge 4. Baltimore – Eddie From Ohio/Milkshake 5. Bangkok/One Night In Bangkok – Murray Head (from “Chess”) 6. Battle Of Waterloo – Jim Malcolm 7. Beaumont […]

Saturday video break: If I Had A Hammer

Here’s national treasure Pete Seeger, with an introduction by John Mellencamp: The recording I have of this comes from a Smithsonian collection, with Seeger leading and being backed up by a church choir, with him doing it singalong style, as a song like this was meant to be done. Of course, it can also be […]

Friday random ten: In the city, part 1

I’ve done Random Ten lists based on songs with state names, but I haven’t done any based on city names. 1. Abilene – Yes 2. Albuquerque – Weird Al Yankovic 3. All The Way To Memphis – Mott the Hoople 4. Allentown – Billy Joel 5. Amsterdam – Asylum Street Spankers 6. Anahuac – Austin […]

Saturday video break: If I Had A Boat

Lyle Lovett sings one of his best songs in a stunningly beautiful concert hall while sitting next to John Hiatt and Joe Ely swoon. Gorgeous, and the verse about Tonto telling the Lone Ranger to kiss his ass gets me every time. The cover version I have is by Eddie From Ohio, a cut from […]

Friday random ten – H-Town represent

Houston’s own The Suffers released their first album recently. They’ve been playing a relentless schedule of live gigs, and finally polished off the debut disc in the studio, thanks in part to a Kickstarter campaign? Who are The Suffers? I’m glad you asked. In honor of them and their march to musical domination, here are […]

Former KTRU to become Christian station

Well, that’s different. KSBJ Educational Foundation, which owns and programs noncommercial Christian music radio stations, acquired the 50,000-watt KUHA (91.7 FM). Subject to Federal Communications Commission approval, the station could switch from its current classical format to NGEN by late May or early June. UH in 2010 acquired the station for $9.5 million from Rice […]

Saturday video break: Ice Cream Man

Another example of Two Really Different Songs With The Same Title. First up, local artists Leah White, from one of her albums of music for kids: Clearly, that’s a Good Humor ice cream man, and as someone who grew up on a block where the Good Humor Man used to make a regular stop, I […]

Friday random ten – To the stars

Because Audrey got to watch “Star Trek: Into Darkness” and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” with us last December, that’s why. 1. Science Fiction/Double Feature – from “Rocky Horror Picture Show” 2. Enterprise-Sulu Medley – Hi-Fidelity 3. The Saga Begins – Weird Al Yankovic 4. Star Wars – Moosebutter 5. Star Wars Medley – Lager […]

Saturday video break: I Wonder

Two very different songs, from very different artists today. First is a cover of a song from Sleeping Beauty, by Yma Sumac: That of course is from the amazingly eclectic Stay Awake Disney music tribute album. Yma Sumac was known as the Peruvian Songbird, and you just heard for yourself what an amazing voice she […]

Friday random ten: Milestones

So I reached a round-number birthday today. See if you can guess which one. 1. Fifty Pounds – Eddie From Ohio 2. Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover – Paul Simon 3. Forty or Fifty – Spin Doctors 4. Animal – 50 Foot Wave 5. I’m Old Enough – Lou Ann Barton 6. Old And […]

Friday random ten: Still more unromantic Valentine’s Day songs

I’ve collected examples of Songs For Ruining Valentine’s Day twice before, and it always amuses me, so let’s go once more to that well. 1. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift 2. She’s My Girl – Tom Lehrer 3. Why Do I Need You (When I’ve Got My Hand)? – Feo […]

Saturday video break: I Will Survive

The all-time disco and karaoke classic, by Gloria Gaynor: How do I know this is a classic? It came up on the car player, and Olivia made me repeat it because she liked it. That’s how I know. Such a song deserves a great cover, and CAKE delivers: I love this version for a lot […]