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Saturday video break: Beautiful

Another installment of Same Name, Different Song. The song is “Beautiful”, and our first contestants are G. Love & Special Sauce, featuring Tristan Prettyman: I do love me a good duet. G. Love has a new album out that you can download from Noisetrade if you like what you heard. For a different Beautiful song, […]

Friday random ten – Baby, You Can Drive My Car Part 1

There are lots of songs about different kinds of cars. Here are ten of them. 1. Cadillac Ranch – Bruce Springsteen 2. Elvis Rolls Royce – Was (Not Was) 3. Hey, Little Minivan – Austin Lounge Lizards 4. Jaguar – Cities Aviv 5. Jeepster – T. Rex 6. Little Red Corvette – Big Daddy 7. […]

Saturday video break: Baby Got Back

I trust this needs no introduction: Have you read the oral history of that video yet? Go ahead, I’ll wait. Besides, you know what’s coming next, right? You’re probably also aware of the Latin translation of the lyrics, which qualifies as an Internet classic these days. But perhaps you haven’t seen this: Yeah, I’d say […]

Friday random thirteen: Presidenting is hard work, part 2

Finishing the job I started last week: 1. We’ve Only Just Begun – Grant Lee Buffalo 2. Buns O’Plenty – Isaac Hayes 3. Mary Ann – Ben Arthur 4. Devil’s Radio – George Harrison 5. Sweet Old Chicago – Roosevelt Sykes 6. Ballad Of The Pines – Jonathan Wilson 7. Come Together – Ike & […]

Saturday video break: Baby Come Back To Me

Time for some vocal harmonies, and a great place to start with that is The Manhattan Transfer. Here’s their oft-covered version of “Baby, Come Back To Me (The Morse Code Of Love)”: If you’re around my age, you probably saw them perform that on a PBS special or something like that. Possibly you knew or […]

Friday random ten: Presidenting is hard work, part 1

For no particular reason, I got it in my head to see what kind of song lists I could make by using artists with the same name as the Presidents. Turns out I could make two lists’ worth. Here’s the first one: 1. Mad About The Boy – Dinah Washington 2. Don’t Let The Sun […]

Saturday video break: America

Has there ever been a better free concert than the one Simon and Garfunkel did in Central Park in 1981? Here they are doing “America”: I love Simon’s joke about “the guys who are selling loose joints” donating half their profits to the city. And here, for the second week in a row, is Yes, […]

Friday random ten: All in the family

We had family in town last week, and we went and visited more family in New Braunfels while they were here. So here are some family-oriented songs. 1. Aunt Avis – Widespread Panix 2. Uncle Dave – Leah White 3. Uncle John – Jonathan Coulton and John Roderick 4. Cousin Dupree – Steely Dan 5. […]

Saturday video break: Amazing Grace

This may be the most covered song of all time. Here’s a traditional rendition from The Rogues: I once said on Facebook that all bagpipes come with three songs preinstalled: Scotland The Brave, The Minstrel Boy, and Amazing Grace. Hearing this tune on the pipes always gives me a chill. For a slightly less traditional […]

Friday random ten: I’m an old cowhand

We went off to see the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo yesterday, so here are ten songs about cowboys and horses. 1. The Cowboy Song – SixMileBridge 2. Bring On the Dancing Horses – The Picture 3. Cowboys Are My Weakness – Chris Difford 4. Horse – Eddie From Ohio 5. I Want To Be […]

Saturday video break: All I Want

Just because two songs have the same name it doesn’t mean they’re the same song. In theory there’s an unlimited number of possible song titles, but in practice there are a lot of reruns. Example #2 from my collection is “All I Want”. Here’s what Susanna Hoffs did with that song title: Back in the […]

Friday random ten: My wild Irish Rose

In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, some Irish music. 1. Irish Rover – Flying Fish Sailors 2. Star Of The County Down – Gordian Knot 3. Molly Malone – Ceili’s Muse 4. Into The Mystic – Van Morrison 5. The Rocky Road To Dublin – The Chieftains 6. Back To Tyrone – SixMileBridge 7. Finnegan’s […]

Saturday video break: All Around My Hat

Songs from the folks tradition are by definition covers, since there obviously is no original recording. One of my favorites is All Around My Hat. It was a hit for Steeleye Span in the 70s: Later, Status Quo covered Steeleye’s version, with Steeleye lead singer Maddy Prior on harmony vocals: The thing about folks music […]

Friday random ten: We’re not an American band

So after reading about Bruce Springsteen’s tour down under, I went looking for songs by non-American artists in my collection. 1. Dancing Queen – ABBA (Sweden) 2. Shoot To Thrill – AC/DC (Australia) 3. Full Force Gale – Van Morrison (Ireland) 4. Mamacita, Donde Esta Santa Claus? – Charo (Spain) 5. Distant Early Warning – […]

Saturday video break: Alcohol

Just because two songs have the same name, it doesn’t mean they’re the same song. In theory, there’s an unlimited number of song titles; in practice, there are a lot of repeats. We’ll be looking at some examples of those as well as we proceed, starting with today’s example. Here’s The Kinks with a lesser […]

Friday random ten: My gayest list ever

In honor of Wednesday’s epic ruling invalidating Texas’ Double Secret Illegal Anti-Gay Marriage law, here’s a supersized list celebrating the LGBTQ artists in my collection: 1. We Are The Champions – Queen 2. The Consequences of Falling – k.d. lang 3. I Don’t Know What It Is – Rufus Wainwright 4. Take Me To The […]

Saturday video break: After You’ve Gone

This song is almost 100 years old, and it qualifies as a standard. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, here’s the original version, by Marion Harris: I’m impressed there’s still a recording around of that. The first place I encountered this song was in the movie “All That Jazz”, but unfortunately I can’t find […]

Friday random ten: Old man and me

Another birthday this week. God, I’m old. 1. The Old Black Rum – Great Big Sea 2. Old Blevins – Austin Lounge Lizards 3. Old Dan Tucker – Bruce Springsteen 4. The Old Dope Peddler – Tom Lehrer 5. Old Folks’ Boogie – Little Feat 6. Old Friends – Simon and Garfunkel 7. Old Joe […]

Saturday video break: After The Fire

I didn’t mean to start this series out with two Pete Townshend songs in a row, but I’m going alphabetically and this is what came next. It’s also one of my favorite songs, from one of my desert island CDs: Love the song, and totally love the CD, “Deep End Live!”; you can see the […]

Friday random ten: Heartbreak Hotel

The Captain and Tennille. Ron and Hermione. It’s been a heartbreaking couple of weeks, hasn’t it? And today is Valentine’s Day, too. Here’s an appropriate soundtrack for some love gone wrong. 1. Break My Heart – La Sera 2. Break Your Heart – Natalie Merchant 3. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do – Neil Sedaka […]

Saturday video break: The Acid Queen

Not many rock groups could pull off the “concept album” without it descending into a morass of self-indulgence and wretched excess. The Who was one of the bands that could get away with it, because Pete Townshend was such a genius. Here’s The Acid Queen, from their rock opera “Tommy”: Did I mention that adding […]

Friday random ten: We miss you, Molly

I managed to miss the anniversary of Molly Ivins’ death last week. For my penance, here are ten of my favorite Texas songs. I know she would have approved. 1. Stupid Texas Song – Austin Lounge Lizards 2. Deep Ellum Blues – Asylum Street Spankers 3. That’s Right (You’re Not From Texas) – Lyle Lovett […]

Saturday video break: Everyone’s a Captain Kirk

How is it that I’d never actually seen the video for “99 Red Balloons” before? One of life’s little mysteries, I suppose. And may I just say…leather pants. God, I miss the 80s sometimes. I also got to wondering if there were any decent cover versions of this. Here’s Goldfinger: That’s pretty good. Here’s another, […]

Friday random fourteen: Let’s talk about sex, baby

Paste had a list awhile back of the “Fifty Sexiest Songs Of All Time”. Here’s how they described it: “Our picks span a variety of eras, genres and styles—and while some are more overtly sexual than others, they all make us weak in the knees. To keep this from being a list of Prince and […]

Saturday video break: Cups

Cup-stacking is a thing with the kids these days, and this song from “Pitch Perfect” is the soundtrack for it (music starts about 1:28). David Letterman was quite impressed by Anna Kendrick’s cup percussion ability: As someone who finds it hard enough to do one musical thing at a time, color me impressed as well.

Friday random ten: Cold enough for you?

I’m pretty sure we’ll all be happy to never hear the words “polar vortex” again. 1. Baby, It’s Cold Outside – The Priestess And The Fool 2. Cold – Annie Lennox 3. Cold Chicago – Humming House 4. Cold Irons Bound – Bob Dylan 5. Cold Shot – Stevie Ray Vaughan 6. Cold Wait – […]

Saturday video break: Hey, little minivan

I know I posted an Austin Lounge Lizards video last week, but this was the official theme song of our now-broken minivan, so how could I not? One way or another, we will be a minivan family again. It is what we are.

Friday random ten: Baby, you can drive my car

Or you could, if it hadn’t been clobbered by a pickup truck coming the other direction and drifting into my lane while I was waiting at a stoplight last weekend. So in memory of my old minivan, whose fate is still in the hands of the insurance adjusters, here are ten car songs. 1. Car […]

Saturday video break: All the world’s problems explained

The Austin Lounge Lizards sum up our political discourse in one song: I mean seriously, is there anything they missed in that recitation?

Friday random ten: I’ve got this bridge to sell you

In honor of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, ten songs about bridges. 1. The Bridge – Eddie From Ohio 2. Bridge of Sighs – Robin Trower 3. Bridge Over Troubled Water – Aretha Franklin 4. Bridge Over Troubled Water – Johnny Cash 5. Bridge Over Troubled Water – Simon and Garfunkel 6. Brothers Under The […]

Saturday video break: For old times’ sake

Have you ever wondered what the lyrics of “Auld Lang Syne” mean? Well, wonder no more: More than one verse, too. Hope 2014 is off to great start for you.

Friday random ten: All is quiet on New Year’s Day

I’m pretty sure I’ve done a list of “New” songs for the new year, but it’s another new year and I’ve got no better ideas, so. 1. New Blood – Robert Cray 2. New Blues – Joe Satriani 3. New Constellation – Toad the Wet Spocket 4. New Dreams – Stanley Smith 5. New Jazz […]

Adios, Arrow

One less rock station on the air in Houston. So instead of Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy on 93.7, from now on you will probably hear Holy Grail by Jay-Z featuring Justin Timberlake. Just whatever you do, don’t let Timberlake get near Reliant Stadium and Janet Jackson again! That’s because after 20 years, 93.7 […]

Friday random ten – Olivia’s year in music

Olivia’s now been an iPod owner for more than a year, and last year she got a bunch of iTunes money that she still hasn’t fully spent. Here’s a sample of the songs she has added to her collection in 2013. 1. Applause – Lady GaGa 2. Come & Get It – Selena Gomez 3. […]