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Houston Press ceases print operations

End of an era. Voice Media Group announced today that the Houston Press ceased print publication with its November 2 edition, capping a 28-year run as one of the nation’s leading alternative weekly newspapers and concluding a wild ride as an irascible and irreverent part of Houston’s cultural fabric. Although the Press successfully steered its […]

Pasadena seeks hockey team

I wish them luck. Pasadena city officials and a group of developers recently discussed working together on a $357 million sports and entertainment resort development to be built in the convention center area. The focal point of the proposed 200-acre master-planned development is a convertible entertainment venue and multi-use sports arena to hosts youth and […]

Weekend HERO reading

Just a few links of interest on matters pertaining to HERO. Read ’em as you see fit. From Think Progress, a reminder that the past is never dead: Four decades ago, the Equal Rights Amendment — which would have required courts to treat laws that engage in sex discrimination with the same high level of […]

Lisa Falkenberg wins Pulitzer for commentary

Major congratulations. Houston Chronicle Columnist Lisa Falkenberg has won the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary, the Pulitzer board announced Monday. It was the first Pulitzer Prize awarded to the Chronicle in its 114-year history. The Chronicle has had finalists on several occasions, including Falkenberg in the same category last year. Editorial cartoonist Nick Anderson won […]

Saturday mini-link roundup

Three stories you should read that I didn’t have time to devote a full post to: AusChron: Abbott’s abject CPRIT failures The scandal broke after letters between the agency’s chief science officer, Nobel laureate Dr. Alfred Gilman, and CPRIT’s Chief Commercialization Officer Jerry Cobbs were released, in which Gilman repeatedly questioned the ethics of multiple […]

Melanie Scruggs: Ways Houston can increase its recycling rate

Note: From time to time, I solicit guest posts from various individuals on different topics. While I like to think I know a little something about a lot of things, I’m fortunate to be acquainted with a number of people who know a whole lot about certain topics, and who are willing to share some […]

Guest post: Gun control realities and fallacies; is there a way forward?

Note: The following is a guest post, written by regular reader Peter in Houston. I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says, but he makes some good and provocative points, and I’m a believer in having thorough discussions of complex issues, so I present this here for your consideration. I have been a gun owner […]

The Trib and the Chron get together

A peek at what to expect in the Sunday Chron: Coming Sunday: A Houston Chronicle and Texas Tribune investigation finds children living in residential treatment centers have been provoked to fight, been punched and choked, forced to strip down to their underwear, and have engaged in sexual acts with staffers. The state of Texas spends […]

The Whites say goodbye

Outgoing Mayor Bill White and First Lady Andrea White say goodbye and thank you to Houstonians as his term comes to an end. Needless to say, they won’t exactly be riding off into the sunset any time soon; with any luck, not for quite a few years. But things have changed for them, and this […]

How green is your website?

Here are two thoughtful and interesting posts about data centers and carbon neutrality from my friend and Trinity classmate Robert Nagle; a postscript with some added thoughts is here. I’m glad to see that my webhost does pretty well in this regard, though it’s purely by accident from my perspective, as I’d never really thought […]

A view from inside the sausage factory

Ever wonder what it is that lobbyists do? Jim Grace and Luke Ledbetter, respectively a partner and an associate with Baker Botts LLP who do lobbying work for the firm, give us the scoop about how they go about their business and how to be successful at it. Some of their points can be seen […]

The Texas Trib and its polls

I’ve been so immersed in the Houston elections that I forgot to give a warm welcome to the Texas Tribune, which made its debut on Tuesday. I really like the look of the site, I like their lineup of writers, and I like what they’re aiming to do. Once their RSS feeds become available, I’ll […]

Help Equality Texas

Equality Texas, which lobbies on behalf of equal rights for all Texans, had the misfortune of its office being vandalized over the weekend. The offices of Equality Texas were vandalized over the weekend sometime  Saturday night or on Sunday.  The large front plate glass window was broken out.  Nothing was taken from the office and […]

Saturday video break: National Punctuation Day

What, you didn’t know that it was National Punctuation Day this past Thursday? Here, let Victor Borge explain to you what it’s all about: I remember him doing a version of this on “The Electric Company” when I was a kid – I still pronounce exclamation points like he does to this day – but […]

The Texas Tribune

Very cool. The longtime editor of Texas Monthly magazine will team with an Austin venture capitalist to form a nonprofit news Web site devoted to government and politics in the Lone Star state. With a large bankroll, a staff at the outset of about eight journalists, and the cachet of Evan Smith, the Texas Monthly […]

The IR Guide to Parenting

In honor of Father’s Day, I bring you this post by Stephen M. Walt on how parenting and international relations are basically the same thing. First off, modern realist theory focuses on the structure of the system and especially number of major powers in it. Right off the bat, this perspective can tell you a […]


Chronicle cuts

Brutal day at 801 Texas yesterday, with more today. I confess, I don’t understand how getting rid of the people who create the content helps make the product more viable going forward, but what do I know? I’m sure they have some Cunning Master Plan to make it all make sense. Banjo and Hair Balls […]

Red, white, blue, and hopefully back

I’m glad to see that the KUHT political program The Connection: Red, White, and Blue is on its way back to the airwaves after an unplanned hiatus followed by a bit of a kerfuffle. It fills a very useful niche in the local media landscape – as the story notes, it was the only place […]

Public Service Announcements department

Just a couple of announcements that may be of interest to readers. The first is a press release from Women Professionals in Government: Women Professionals in Government Offers Scholarship Opportunity Women Professionals in Government proudly announces a $1,500 scholarship award to be given to an outstanding woman who is currently pursuing studies toward a career […]

RIP, Terry Hayes

Terry Hayes, an employee of the Houston Chronicle who wrote an award-winning blog that detailed her fight against terminal cancer, has died at the age of 42. Hayes spent five years as one of the newspaper’s essential support staffers, handling unseen but critical behind-the-scenes tasks, deflecting and distributing calls and complaints, and encouraging — on […]

RIP, Terry Hayes

The case for freight rail

I’ve seen this linked several places, and finally got around to reading Phillip Longman’s article on freight rail and the very strong case for investing in it as part of an economic stimulus package. It’s got something for everyone, including the promise of relieving highway congestion by getting big trucks off the interstates. Read it […]

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