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The Round Rock Bigfoot footprint

You know, it’s been too long since we had a good Bigfoot story to talk about. [Last] Saturday, the Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department released photos of foot prints found on various trails and parks in the Austin suburb. Officials have called it an “unexplained phenomena” and are urging anyone who knows about the […]

News flash: The Bigfoot exhibition was a fake

I know, I’m as shocked as you are. After a falling out with his Bigfoot crew, master tracker Rick Dyer, whose new title may be “con artist”, admitted that the 8-foot tall body named “Hank” that wooed crowds last month in Houston is a prop made to look like a Bigfoot. The crew, including spokesman […]

Where to see Bigfoot

And by “Bigfoot”, I mean whatever the huckster Rick Dyer has faked up to look like a “Bigfoot”. Be that as it may, the place to go is the Alamo Drafthouse. Anyone who doubts a Texas man’s claim that he shot Bigfoot near San Antonio will have a chance, two actually, to check out the […]

So you want to see Bigfoot?

He’s coming to your town, Houston and San Antonio. Or at least, whatever the huckster Rick Dyer is trying to pass off as a Bigfoot carcass is coming to your town. Dyer, 36, says he killed an 8-foot-tall Bigfoot in San Antonio in 2012 with a 30-06 rifle after he lured “the beast” near his […]

Who shot Bigfoot?

The correct answer is “no one”, since Bigfoot doesn’t exist and all that, but this guy claims to have done it. Nearly a year ago a self-described professional Bigfoot hunter claimed to have shot and killed one of the creatures in San Antonio. The alleged incident was featured in a documentary released last year that […]

Yeah, that’s still not Bigfoot

You can’t fool the SciGuy, y’all. Bigfoot is smarter than humans. Bigfoot roams from the Arctic to the equator. Bigfoot has a sixth sense. And most importantly, Bigfoot is very, very, very, very real. That was the message Tuesday from group of lay researchers who made the rather audacious claims at a sparsely attended news […]

What’s the difference between a rock and a fossilized Bigfoot skull?

Less than you might think, apparently. Todd May, of Ogden, dropped by the offices of the Standard-Examiner to see if someone would be interested in a story about a fairly impressive fossil find. After showing off a couple of digital photos, May offered six even more compelling words — “Do you want to see it?” […]

Bigfoot DNA update

I apologize for being so remiss in reporting on this. As you may recall last November there was a bit of a to-do about a Texas geneticist from Nacogdoches, Melba Ketchum, who claimed to have sequenced DNA from a Bigfoot. That’s quite a feat considering this a creature that does not exist in the real […]

So you say you have Bigfoot DNA

I have one thing to say about this. A team of scientists can verify that their 5-year long DNA study, currently under peer-review, confirms the existence of a novel hominin hybrid species, commonly called “Bigfoot” or “Sasquatch,” living in North America. Researchers’ extensive DNA sequencing suggests that the legendary Sasquatch is a human relative that […]

Got any Bigfoot DNA?

Please send it to Oxford if you do. In a project announced this week, Oxford University and Lausanne Museum of Zoology scientists appealed to museums, scientists and Yeti aficionados to share hair samples thought to be from the mythical ape-like creature. New genetic tests will be done on just a few strands of hair and […]

More on those police “charities”

Nice story in the Statesman about those law enforcement charities that call you for donations. The first time he got the call last year, Rodney Shaheen thought one of his children had been in a bad car crash. The name on his phone said “TX State Troop,” and the caller claimed he was a state […]

It’s (almost) 2012, and Bigfoot still does not exist

Which will not stop stories about Bigfoot and the fools who keep looking for him from being written. The Finding Bigfoot crew has not visited Texas yet, but something is out there deep in the Big Thicket, say members of Texas groups dedicated to hunting the beast. Ken Gerhard of the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research […]

Beware the Texas Highway Patrol Association

A public service announcement from Grits for Breakfast: This morning Grits received a solicitation phone call from a telemarketer who said he was from the “Texas Highway Patrol,” calling because “we’ve lost two troopers recently” and they wanted to “raise money for their families.” “So you’re from the Department of Public Safety?,” I asked. He […]

Perry blames God for oil leak

That sure is what this sounds like to me. Texas Gov. Rick Perry Monday offered a stern warning against halting oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico in the wake of a massive oil leak, and he raised the question of whether the explosion was an “act of God.” The Republican governor, speaking at the […]

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