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Posts on ‘February 3rd, 2012’

Not really buying it, Komen

So Komen has supposedly reversed itself on Planned Parenthood. I’ve read their statement, as well as TBogg’s improved version of it, and I don’t see a “reversal” so much as I see a bunch of weasel words that may very well lead to the same functional result. There’s a bunch of analysis out there, I’ll […]

Friday random ten: The past is never what you remember it to be

What hath the iPod wrought this week? 1. The Best Is Yet To Come – Frank Sinatra and Count Basie 2. Better Be Good To Me – Tina Turner 3. Hammer To Fall – Queen 4. Bridge Of Sighs – Robin Trower 5. Born In Time – Bob Dylan 6. Downtown – The B-52’s 7. […]

DC court will take its time

At least a month. A panel of federal judges told parties in a Texas redistricting case Wednesday not to expect a ruling within 30 days, throwing the date of the state’s political primaries further in doubt. A ruling by the District of Columbia court in the complex case was expected to provide guidance to another […]

Doing business downtown

I have three things to say about this. Despite public and private attempts to revive a shopping scene downtown, the retail market has struggled. Some stores like Forever 21 and Books-A-Million have opened, but most of the activity in recent years has come from restaurants and bars. Turnover has been high. Last year, 16 street-level […]

The state of water in Texas

The Statesman has a long story about the state of water in Texas and its outlook for the future. Short summary: We’re going to need more than what we’re capable of getting now, and it’s going to cost a lot of money to bridge the shortfall. “For most of our recent history, we just treated […]

Texas Watch on the Supreme Court

Texas Watch: The Texas Supreme Court has a long history of favoring corporate defendants over families and small businesses, according to a decade-long review of the Court’s decision making by Court Watch, a project of the non-profit Texas Watch Foundation. Court Watch reviewed the 624 cases involving consumers decided by the Court between 2000 and […]