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Posts on ‘May 4th, 2012’

Fifth Circuit lifts its stay of Planned Parenthood injunction

Whiplash alert! U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel on Monday granted a preliminary injunction sought by Planned Parenthood in the case, saying the state couldn’t bar the group until the lawsuit is decided. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott quickly sought a stay at the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The stay was granted by Judge Jerry E. Smith […]

Friday random ten: Workin’ in the asteroid mines

Didn’t I read something the other day about mining asteroids? Well, here are ten suggestions for that new venture’s corporate theme song. 1. Space Oddity – David Bowie 2. Space Truckin’ – Deep Purple 3. Outer Space – Ace Frehley 4. Hillbillies From Outer Space – The Vaughan Brothers 5. Pipes In Space – The […]

United’s study predicts doom and disaster if Hobby expands

Well, what did you expect it to say? Expanding Hobby Airport to allow for international flights will cost the Houston area 3,700 jobs and $295 million in economic activity, according to a study released by United Airlines Thursday afternoon. United’s conclusions contrast starkly with the projections of a study commissioned by the Houston Airport System […]

TAB joins school finance litigation

But not as a force for good. The Texas Association of Business announced today that it will join a school finance lawsuit against the state, demanding a study of Texas school system efficiency. “The Constitution of Texas calls for the state to provide an efficient public school system, and in our view, clearly the school […]

Constables and eviction notices

This is just wrong. With the help of their taxpayer-funded offices, five Harris County constables have been using a little-known eviction fee to add thousands of dollars a year to their base $120,000 annual salaries. State law allows a constable to pocket fees – ranging from $10 to $20 – for serving a “notice to […]

Salvaging the Dome

Here’s one way to keep demolition costs down. Picture a urinal in the basement of the Reliant Astrodome — a block of dusty porcelain, used by Earl Campbell or Nolan Ryan, or any other Oilers or Astros great. How much would that be worth? A St. Louis urologist forked over $2,174 to put a urinal […]