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Posts on ‘October 7th, 2012’

Weekend link dump for October 7

Only 24 more shopping days till Halloween. “So, honey, it’s just impossible for me to say how old The Pip will be when you’re forty-one. I’m not sure it’s even a well-defined question in a relativistic universe.” Baseball brings us together, even in Congress. Meet Pono, Neil Young’s digital music player. It’s important to pronounce […]

Endorsement watch: The other easy call

The Chron makes a ringing endorsement of Sheriff Adrian Garcia for re-election. In the 2008 elections, Adrian Garcia received more votes than any other candidate in Harris County. His record in office merits a similar outcome in 2012. With Garcia as sheriff, a $56 million budget overrun has become a $3 million surplus, overcrowded jails […]

The felony mental health court

I’d celebrate, too. [State District Court Judge] Krocker and others celebrated the official opening of Harris County’s felony mental health court, which started putting mentally ill defendants on probation instead of sending them to jail in May. Krocker has been working to get a special court to oversee felony cases of defendants diagnosed with schizophrenia, […]

It was nice knowing you, Lockhart

There’s so much that’s wrong with this. Community leaders believe the four lanes of Texas 130 will spur growth — despite what is expected to be a charge of about 15 cents a mile to drive on it. The tollway, which will link Lockhart to Austin to the north and will provide a much faster […]

The hogs are winning

So many feral hogs. So much more needed to deal with them. Texas upped the ante in its battle with feral hogs a year ago when it passed a “pork choppers” law that allows recreational shooters to blast wild pigs from low-flying helicopters. The state doesn’t track the number of hogs killed by aerial gunners, […]