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Posts on ‘October 13th, 2012’

Saturday video break: Red Red Wine

Song #47 on the Popdose Top 100 Covers list is “Red Red Wine”, originally by Neil Diamond and covered by UB40. Here’s the original: I’ve known forever that Neil Diamond wrote this song, but I’d never heard his version of it. It’s…well, it’s Neil Diamond. As Dave Barry knows, people feel very strongly about Neil […]

LULAC files suit against Tax Assessor over voter registrations

Texas Redistricting has the press release. Today, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and a number of Houston residentsfiled suit against Harris County in Federal District Court for the Southern District of Texas maintaining that Harris County officials wrongly rejected voter applications through discriminatory practices against Latino and African American applicants. Representing LULAC […]

Austin’s choices for Council districts

The Statesman has a look at the choices Austin voters have for how to redesign their City Council from an all-At Large system to one with Council districts. In the debate over whether to change the City Council from citywide members to those who represent smaller districts, one question has galvanized supporters and opponents: who […]

There’s an app for beating red lights

Do you ever get frustrated when you get stopped by a string of red lights while driving? If you’re like me, you sure do. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how (legally) fast you should be going to maximize the number of green lights you hit and minimize the reds? Well, there’s an app for […]

Endorsement watch: For reason

In making their endorsements in State Board of Education races, the Chron “supports an incumbent who has fought for reason and clarity, and two challengers who would be fresh voices of reason”. As well they should. In District 4, Lawrence Allen, the Democratic incumbent, fought to see that slavery wasn’t downplayed as the chief cause […]