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Posts on ‘October 14th, 2012’

Weekend link dump for October 14

You’re doing it wrong. I need to remember that tip about boiling eggs. How “The Big Bang Theory” is helping NASA with its public image. What’s the expiration date on a spoiler? Two words: Dilithium crystals. Oh, yeah. I have the exact same objection to “Imagine” that this guy does. The first rule of “vote […]

No Planned Parenthood, no women’s health care

It’s a simple enough concept. Women’s access to affordable health care will be reduced if the state follows through with its plan to eschew federal funding for the Women’s Health Program and create a state program instead, according to a new study from George Washington University. The study, a follow-up to a May report from […]

Downtown schools

The Chron notes downtown’s continuing evolution. Last week’s announcement of plans for a Nau Center for Texas Cultural Heritage marked the latest in a string of developments in the decades-long march in the evolution of about 50 square blocks west of U.S. 59. It started with lots of vacant land, added a convention center and […]

The dumbest plastic bag argument I’ve seen so far

This story is about the city of San Francisco rolling out a new ordinance intended to further limit the use of disposable bags by retailers. I’ve heard a variety of arguments against the different versions of this kind of law, but this one takes the cake. Starting Oct. 1, BYOB in San Francisco will take […]

Endorsement watch: E-N for Sadler, Parent PAC for Ann Johnson

Having made a good choice for the State Senate, the Express News follows it up with a good choice for US Senate. Former state Rep. Paul Sadler is unequivocally the right choice on the Nov. 6 ballot to represent Texas in the U.S. Senate. Sadler has a strong record as an effective legislator who understands […]