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Posts on ‘October 26th, 2012’

Friday random ten: For the ladies, part 3

Still more songs with ladies’ names for titles. 1. Emily – Elana James 2. Emily de Muse – The Buddhacrush 3. Erin – Jiggernaut 4. Evangeline – Los Lobos 5. Fanny – Asylum Street Spankers 6. Ginger Faye – Eddie From Ohio 7. Gloria – Patti Smith 8. Gloria – Santa Esmerelda 9. Gloria – […]

More early voting

Early voting continues to go gangbusters in Harris County – here’s my updated spreadsheet for your perusal. The numbers are certainly impressive, but to keep things in perspective, it’s an increase of about 20% over 2008, whereas 2008 was more than double the turnout of 2004 through Day Four. Year Day 4 total =================== 2004 […]

Overview of the Keller-Hampton race

This story covers a lot of familiar ground, but it’s worth going over again. Three judges on Texas’ highest criminal court are seeking re-election in November, including Presiding Judge Sharon Keller, who’s been a lightning rod for controversy since her last test of voters in 2006. Elected to Texas’ Court of Criminal Appeals in 1994, […]

Children continue to be our future

The mother of all school finance lawsuits, which commenced on Monday, will take many weeks to conclude. I don’t expect to follow it every day since there’s just so much else going on, but I wanted to point out a couple of things from the Chron story of the trial’s opening day. By 2050, Texas […]

Endorsement watch: The Parent PAC November slate

For your approval. Texas Parent PAC is delighted to endorse the following candidates in the general election.  They are men and women of integrity, open and responsive to parents, actively involved in their communities, and committed to investing in public education to achieve economic prosperity in Texas. Please vote for these endorsed candidates and encourage […]