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Posts on ‘November 9th, 2012’

Friday random ten: For the ladies, part 5

Pretty good week for the ladies, wouldn’t you say? Winning elections is the best revenge. Congrats to Claire, Elizabeth, Heidi, Mazie, and Tammy for reminding us that a lady’s place is in the Senate. 1. Josie – The Darcys 2. Kathleen – The Mollys 3. Layla – Eric Clapton 4. Lilly The Pink – Ceili’s […]

Not a surprise that the bonds passed

All of the bond issues on the ballot this year had favorable conditions working for them, so their ultimate passage should not be a surprise. The dire warnings of crippling debt, the long presidential campaign conversation about the limits of government and the potential for sticker shock over local governments’ asking to borrow $2.7 billion […]

Ben Hall is a definite maybe for Mayor in 2013

I know, I’m as excited as you are. Former City Attorney Ben Hall, long rumored to be considering a run for mayor, said Tuesday that “It’s more likely than not” that he will run for mayor next year. Hall has been most prominent recently as the attorney for Chad Holley. The black teenager was fleeing […]

Why the HISD Board of Trustees needed stricter ethics rules

Ladies and gentlemen, Trustee Larry Marshall. HISD trustee Larry Marshall voted repeatedly to award taxpayer-funded contracts to companies that hired his longtime business associate – who gave him a cut of her earnings, according to court records, deposition testimony and interviews. Marshall, the Houston Independent School District’s most senior trustee, has received tens of thousands […]

More bike racks

The Chron notes that Houston is on the verge of becoming an actual bike-friendly city, and that we ought to recognize that and do something to help facilitate it. Notably, many downtown buildings lack accessible and visible bike racks. For those who live close enough, biking to downtown destinations, whether work or the Theater District, […]