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Posts on ‘November 16th, 2012’

Friday random ten: For the ladies, part 6

More ladies’ names as song titles. Let’s get to it: 1. Margot Fonteyn – Eddie From Ohio 2. Mari Mac – Great Big Sea 3. Marie – Randy Newman 4. Mary Ann – Ben Arthur 5. Minnie The Moocher – from “The Cotton Club” 6. Miss Amanda Rae – Clandestine 7. Miss Fritchie – Eddie […]

Precinct analysis: Sadler v Noriega and Sadler v Obama

Day Two of precinct analysis, in which we take a look at the Senate results. As I did with the Presidential results, I’m going to compare the candidates from this year to the candidates from 2008. Dist Cruz Sadler Cornyn Noriega ======================================== HD126 63.86% 36.14% 62.26% 37.74% HD127 70.57% 29.43% 67.93% 32.07% HD128 72.95% 27.05% […]

On peeing in a cup

Another solution in search of a problem from the Republican leadership. Out of the more than 250 bills filed Monday, the first possible day to file legislation for the 83rd session, one measure — concerning drug testing for welfare applicants — is already drawing the support of the state’s top lawmakers and the criticism of […]

Will health insurance exchanges be on the Lege’s agenda?

The deadline was today for states to decide what they want to do about implementing health insurance exchanges. At least eight Republican governors vowed not to implement the health-care law until after the November election. “I will make that decision number one after the election,” Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley told a local television station in […]

Not on the Ben Hall bandwagon

Ouch. Ben Hall is talking about running for mayor — again. He won’t do it, and if he does do it, he won’t win, says one local African-American political consultant. Bethel Nathan is a veteran of local politics. His recent clients include Elaine Palmer, who last week won the general election for the 215th District […]