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Posts on ‘December 14th, 2012’

Friday random ten: Did the Mayans predict the fiscal cliff?

One more week till the end of the world, which one must admit would be a neat solution to the so-called fiscal cliff. Here’s a Friday random ten that combines the two: 1. Close To The Edge – Yes 2. It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) – […]

Hall inches closer to running

He’s still qualifying it, but Ben Hall sounds like a candidate for Mayor. Former city attorney Ben Hall says this time, he’s really ready to run for mayor. “I intend to be on the ballot, if the Lord gives me good health in 2013,” Hall said. The longtime trial lawyer has flirted with politics before, […]

Perry’s abortion obsession

I suppose the only surprise to this is that it’s taken him this long. Proclaiming his ultimate goal to eliminate abortion at any stage, Gov. Rick Perry on Tuesday said he would back legislation to ban abortion in Texas after 20 weeks, the point at which he said a fetus can experience pain. He said […]

The Hall of Fame and guilt by association

John Royal hits on one of the least admirable traits of Hall of Fame voters. There are some voters out there once again claiming that Jeff Bagwell used ‘roids, and these same folks are claiming that Craig Biggio used them as well. How do they reconcile these statements with the truth that there’s no evidence […]

Don’t write off the University line

Metro certainly hasn’t, judging by what they’re saying. “Dallas has almost 100 miles of light rail,” Metro board chairman Gilbert Garcia told a business luncheon Tuesday. “Certainly we can get to The Galleria.” What hasn’t been figured out, yet, is how to pay for the project. Federal money was heavily leveraged to get the North […]