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Posts on ‘December 30th, 2012’

Weekend link dump for December 30

I don’t know about you, but this was one of those years that I thought would never end. America’s worst bosses. All are responsible for at least one large payout of a discrimination-related lawsuit. The worst columns of 2012. I have no idea how they managed to stop at 50. The top physics breakthroughs since […]

Everybody hates the STAAR test now

In reading this story about the flood of legislation being filed to scale back or defer the STAAR tests, I am struck, but not surprised, by the genesis of this activity. The clamor for change may have more to do with who’s finally speaking up, said Patricia L√≥pez, a research associate at the Texas Center […]

The payday lenders won’t go without a fight

Where there’s a fight, there’s sure to be lots of money. Payday lenders were big spenders in the most recent Texas political campaigns – contributing more than $1.6 million to state races in the 2012 election cycle and giving most generously to Republican committee members who soon will be reviewing proposed reforms for their industry. […]

Your one-minute real estate update

I just have one mostly tangential thing to say about this. Houston will see a modest and steady growth in retail activity in 2013, according to Ed Wulfe’s annual retail forecast. And the following year should be much better, said Wulfe, who is chairman and CEO of Wulfe & Co., a retail development, brokerage and […]