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Posts on ‘January 6th, 2013’

Weekend link dump for January 6

Does joking about writing the wrong year on checks mark one as irredeemably old? “A spider that builds elaborate, fake spiders and hangs them in its web has been discovered in the Peruvian Amazon.” Arachnophobes the world over shudder in horror at the thought. Gingerbread Downton Abbey. You’re welcome. Airline fees impede price comparisons. The […]

SCOTUS has not taken up the Texas redistricting lawsuit yet

Texas Redistricting: No decision announced [Friday at the Supreme Court about whether the court will hear the Texas redistricting case. The court, however, could issue additional orders on Monday. The Justices haven’t had these briefs for long, so it’s not surprising they haven’t taken action yet. They have conferences on January 11 and 18, and […]

Horse’s head sold separately

Shorter John Cornyn: “Unless President Obama gives us Republicans everything we want – and we insist that he be the one to come up with the list of things that we want, so we can attack him for it in the next campaign – we are going to destroy the global economy, because it’s the […]

The dog that hasn’t barked yet

The most dispensible member of the Harris County legislative caucus hasn’t done what she normally does yet. Camping out in the Texas Capitol to ensure a prime designation for your legislation on illegal immigration? That’s so 2011. State Rep. Debbie Riddle braved a cold, creepy-noise-filled Capitol two years ago in part to obtain a priority […]

Curbside composting

Way to go, Austin. City officials are asking Austinites in 7,900 households in five parts of the city to separate their banana peels, egg shells, meat, chicken bones, milk cartons, leaves and any other organic material from their household trash and put the material into a new rolling garbage cart. The one-year trial run will […]