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Posts on ‘January 11th, 2013’

Friday random ten: Life, liberty, and property

The new Congress was sworn in last week, and the Texas Legislature reconvened this week. This seemed like an appropriate occasion for a Friday Random Ten. 1. (You’re Not The) Boss Of Me – They Might Be Giants 2. One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer – John Lee Hooker 3. The Deal (No Deal) – […]

Here comes that B-Cycle expansion

Excellent. Houston’s bike-sharing program downtown is getting a boost from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, city officials announced Wednesday. The insurance company will contribute $750,000 to expand the B-Cycle system from three stations and 18 bikes to 24 stations and about 200 bikes, the city said in a news release. “Bike Share is […]

School Land Board votes to transfer $300 million to Available School Fund

From the Trib: The School Land Board voted Tuesday to release $300 million into the Available School Fund for public schools. The money will be released in two $150 million installments, one in February and the other on June. The funds had been caught in a standoff between the Legislature and the School Land Board, […]

Student RFID lawsuit rejected

A win for the school district in federal court. A federal judge Tuesday ruled that Northside Independent School District can transfer a student from her magnet school for refusing to wear her student ID badge to protest a new electronic tracking system. U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia rejected a lawsuit brought by Andrea Hernandez, 15, […]

In praise of CODIS

We’re catching more crooks thanks to DNA. Not exactly an earth-shattering revelation, but it’s always nice to have some numbers. The number of Texas crimes solved after a suspect’s DNA matched with offenders’ DNA samples stored in the national repository known as CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) recently passed the 10,000th mark. The state averaged […]