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Posts on ‘January 20th, 2013’

Weekend link dump for January 20

Hail to the Chief, it’s the Chief that we are hailing… Woo hoo! Flying cars! About damn time. Google wind. That’s a noun, not a verb. How to not be a menace during cold and flu season. These eight words come in handy in many other contexts as well. The semi-open gay lives of some […]

Some things you can vaccinate against

Saying dumb things isn’t one of them. As the council considered a proposal Wednesday to accept $3.1 million in federal funding for childhood immunizations, Councilman Jack Christie voiced his opposition to the measure, apparently conflating it with flu vaccinations. “I’m going to vote against this,” Christie said before the 15-1 vote. “You don’t die from […]

Who gets the water?

This will be worth watching. A simple idea has guided appropriations of Texas water for decades: First come, first served. Now, with drought conditions returning to almost the entire state, the principle is being put to the test by a fight over water in the Brazos River. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is withholding […]

Green batteries

This is very cool. In one more step of a global effort to develop greener battery technology, researchers at Rice University say they have found a way to replace a costly metallic component in lithium-ion batteries with material from a common plant. While many of today’s lithium-ion batteries incorporate cobalt, which has to be mined […]

The Eagle Ford Shale UFO

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a UFO! Strange things are afoot in the South Texas oil patch and in the sky above. In a region that’s seen its tax rolls and traffic problems swell from the scores of new residents, could extraterrestrials be the next wave? Roughnecks working […]