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Posts on ‘February 1st, 2013’

Friday random ten: That’s just super

Ten super songs for Super Sunday. 1. Super Freak – Big Daddy 2. Super Frog – Asylum Street Spankers 3. Super Trouper – from “Mamma Mia” 4. Champagne Supernova – Oasis 5. John Lee Supertaster – They Might Be Giants 6. Ode To A Superhero – Weird Al Yankovic 7. Sonic Superslide – The Go-Go’s […]

Smaller WHP provider list back up

Maybe they got it right this time. A revised list of Texas Women’s Health Program providers — with 965 fewer doctors and clinics — has returned to the state’s website. […] The HHSC had previously stated that the Texas WHP had 3,500 participating providers, roughly 1,000 more than the number of providers that participated in […]

Committee time

Now the real work gets started. House Speaker Joe Straus announced committee assignments for the Legislature’s lower chamber on Thursday, ending speculation over key chairmanships and giving lawmakers the go-ahead to start considering bills. Here’s his list. Of the standing committees, 32 are chaired by men, six by women. That’s one more female chair than […]

Crocodile tears over the school finance lawsuit

This is little more than blaming the victim. A state judge is expected to rule next week on whether the school finance system is broken, but lawmakers aren’t anywhere near ready to launch repairs. Instead, Republican leaders plan to wait for an appeal and a final Texas Supreme Court ruling so they know exactly what […]

Sidelining themselves on immigration reform

I don’t know what’s going to happen with the comprehensive immigration reform proposals that are out there now. It’s long overdue, and the political stars all seem to be aligned for it, but we said the same things about health care reform back in 2009, and look how close that came to be scuppered. In […]