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Posts on ‘February 15th, 2013’

Friday random ten: More unromantic Valentine’s Day songs

I did this last year and it was fun, so I thought I’d do it again. 1. Lord, I Wish I was A Single Girl Again – Elena James 2. Don’t Get Married, Girls – Ceili’s Muse 3. Put Another Log On The Fire – Jonny Fritz 4. Whatever – Asylum Street Spankers 5. You […]

Clearing the rape kit backlog

Some excellent news from the Mayor’s office. Mayor Annise Parker and the Houston Police Department today announced details of a plan that will eliminate the backlog of untested sexual assault kits (SAK). Under the plan, which will be formally considered by Houston City Council next week, the untested kits will be sent to two outside […]

Supplement this!

Time for the Lege to pay a few past-due bills from 2011. That’s where a supplemental budget comes in. It is literally a second budget added to the original one lawmakers approved in 2011. It’s not an unusual course for lawmakers to take to address lingering IOUs, but this year’s efforts are becoming more complicated […]

Single member districts for Farmers Branch

Another long battle comes to an end. A Dallas federal judge has directed Farmers Branch to implement single-member City Council districts after the U.S. Justice Department signed off on the city’s proposed map. The move could set the stage for a fiery May 11 election in which the outcome may provide the suburb of 29,000 […]

We need to fix birth certificates

This needs to happen. Texas law prevents gay parents from both being listed on supplemental birth certificate forms for adoptive children. The forms provide space for only one mother, a woman, and one father, a male. The gender-specific language was added in 1997 as a part of a renewed commitment to conservative values, said the […]