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Posts on ‘February 16th, 2013’

Saturday video break: Everybody’s Talkin’

Song #31 on the Popdose Top 100 Covers list is “Everybody’s Talkin’”, originally by Fred Neil and covered by Harry Nilsson. Here’s the original: Nice little country ballad. Never heard it before, but nice. Here’s Harry Nilsson: I take it back, I have heard this before, I just hadn’t realized it by the title and […]

Working the county Medicaid expansion angle

As statewide Medicaid expansion is being pushed in Austin, some activists are going to various County Commissioners Courts to push for the county option to expand Medicaid as well. “A broad spectrum of people across business, faith and health care communities are coming together to ask that we find a way to draw down these […]

The Summer X-Games

Another sporting event that could be coming to Houston. The Harris County-Houston Sports Authority is making a bid for ESPN’s action sports event, an annual competition that began in 1995. “It’s definitely another feather in our cap,” said Janis Schmees, the CEO of Harris County-Houston Sports Authority. “It’s a useful event, it’s a great timing […]

We’ve got mercury, yes we do

Once again, Texas overachieves at something bad. Even though mercury and other hazardous air pollution from U.S. power plants are declining, the progress at the coal-fired power plants are uneven, leaving in place a significant remaining risk to the health of the public and environment, according to a new report by the Environmental Integrity Project […]