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Posts on ‘February 17th, 2013’

Weekend link dump for February 17

Dunk or dunk not. There is no try. James Harden is a Zen master. And then God made a more accurate representation of farming in America. No, we don’t have a fertility crisis in the US. Illegally uploaded movies on YouTube aren’t being blocked as often as they once were. Twenty-five years of “Raising Arizona”, […]

White Stallion coal plant deep sixed

I mentioned this in passing the other day, but the news that White Stallion has been shelved deserves its own post. Developers have dropped plans for the White Stallion Energy Center about 90 miles southwest of Houston, signaling the end of a once heady rush to build several new coal-fired power plants across Texas. White […]

Not a big enough picture

The headline on this story reads “County mulls big-picture health council”, but a read of the story makes it clear that there’s a big piece of this picture missing from the discussion. Harris County is discussing a big-picture approach to its complex and overlapping health care costs, proposing the creation of a council to coordinate […]

Kubosh is in for Council

This happened on Friday. Michael Kubosh, part of the fighting brothers who finally rid Houston of red-light cameras, is announcing today he’s running for an at-large city council seat. Kubosh will announce he’s running for Melissa Noriega’s at-large seat (she is term-limited out), and an eclectic cast of Houston politicos will be there, according to […]

Council approves Southwest/Hobby deal

You are now free to make lame jokes about Southwest’s marketing slogan. Council members unanimously approved a 25-year use and lease agreement with the Dallas-based carrier that incorporates a new two-story, five-gate concourse and Customs and Border Protection inspection facility at Hobby into existing terms and conditions. The 280,000-square-foot expansion is scheduled for completion before […]