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Posts on ‘July 14th, 2013’

Weekend link for July 14

Happy Bastille Day, y’all. “A good fortuneteller can make $200,000 to $300,000 a year easily.” Sadly, there’s a dozen rabid weasels problem in many organizations. Most “spider bites” are not actually caused by spiders. “A few moments ago Google processed the RIAA’s latest batch of copyright takedowns making the organization the music industry’s top sender […]

Greg Abbott has a very special announcement to make

He’s ready to accept your coronation as king the next Governor of Texas. Attorney General Greg Abbott is tipping his hand ever so much more slightly about his San Antonio appearance Sunday, with his campaign re-branding it from a meet-and-greet to a “major announcement.” Abbott is widely expected to announce for governor in the wake […]

She who must not be named

It’s nice to see that Nancy Brinker, founder of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, has found meaningful work to do now that she is no longer CEO of that organization. It’s not the least bit surprising to see that she’s still in denial about the events that led to the end of her tenure […]

Tubing along in New Braunfels

Time for another can ban update. River tourists poured into waterways here Saturday, slathered in sunscreen and toting drinks in a variety of vessels, as the summer tubing season finally hit full stride. “We didn’t have a (strong) spring because it was cold, and it flooded on Memorial Day weekend, so this is the first […]