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Posts on ‘August 3rd, 2013’

Saturday video break: Piece Of My Heart

Song #8 on the Popdose Top 100 Covers list is “Piece Of My Heart”, originally by Erma Franklin and covered by Big Brother and the Holding Company. Here’s the original: The late Erma Franklin is Aretha Franklin’s big sister. I had no idea. Nor had I ever heard this version before, and I must say […]

Debating about debates

There will be some number of debates between Mayor Parker and Ben Hall between now and Election Day. How many debates, and how many participants there will be in those debates, is itself a matter of debate. In a letter to [Mayor Annise] Parker this week, [Ben] Hall sought three debates after Labor Day on […]

On closing Main Street to cars downtown

Houston Tomorrow runs a post by Kyle Nielsen that he originally published in May advocating for more of Main Street downtown to be like Main Street Square, that is, closed to automotive traffic. What if we were to close Main Street to motor vehicle traffic and make it an exclusively pedestrian and bicycle corridor? It […]

The hogs keep winning

Same old story. More than two decades into Texas’ ever escalating war against feral hogs, the wild swine continue gaining ground while Texas and the state’s native wildlife, plants and ecosystems lose it. Despite taking millions of casualties – an estimated 750,000-plus feral hogs have been killed each of the past few years in Texas […]