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Posts on ‘August 30th, 2013’

Friday random ten: Millennium nostalgia

My inspiration this week is this Grantland playlist of the Top 64 Songs Of The Millennium. I presumed it was a decade retrospective thing, thus defined as the years 2000-2010, but it turns out that they just meant “since 2000”. I don’t have enough of these songs, including covers and parodies, to add up to […]

Interview with Brenda Stardig

My last candidate interview for District A is a fitting bookend for the first one. Brenda Stardig was elected to District A in 2009, leading the pack in November and cruising in the subsequent runoff. It’s fair to say that her two years in office were tumultuous. Some people didn’t like the political choices she […]

We’ll have to wait a little longer for Wendy

Take the time you need, Sen. Davis. State Sen. Wendy Davis, the Democrats’ best hope to run for Texas governor, said Wednesday she is postponing the announcement of her decision so she can help care for her sick father. “I had hoped to make public my decision about that next week, but with everything that’s […]

Just so we’re clear, cities don’t run the schools

Lisa Falkenberg does some fact checking. Houston Mayoral Candidate Ben Hall seems to have done his homework before he began claiming that, if elected, he’d have statutory authority over local schools. But he apparently didn’t check his interpretation of the statute with the Texas Education Agency. In an interview last week, Hall criticized Mayor Annise […]

Lawsuit filed against Galveston County redistricting

Expect more of this going forward. A Galveston County plan slashing the number of justice-of-the-peace districts from eight to four intentionally discriminates against minority voters and should be blocked, according to a federal lawsuit filed Monday. The lawsuit comes exactly one week after Galveston County commissioners approved a redistricting plan for justices of the peace […]