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Posts on ‘December 5th, 2013’

Runoff Q&A: Roy Morales

Note: As we know, the runoff election in At Large #3 is not what many people were expecting. In particular, Democratic voters have been trying to make a choice in that race. While both candidates have been busy reaching out to a broad range of constituencies, I thought it might be a good idea to […]

Back to private investors for the Dome

Sure, why not? Commissioner El Franco Lee, whose Precinct 1 is home to the county-owned Dome, said Commissioners Court is “not under any time constraint” in deciding what to do with the vacant stadium. “The only constraint we’re under is spending any public money,” Lee said. [...] Lee noted that about $8 million worth of […]

Same-sex divorce in other states

Texas isn’t the only state where this is playing out. Lauren Beth Czekala-Chatham wants to force Mississippi, one of the America‚Äôs most conservative states, to recognize her same-sex marriage. She hopes to do so by getting a divorce. She and Dana Ann Melancon traveled from Mississippi to San Francisco to get married in 2008. The […]

Texas blog roundup for the week of December 2

The Texas Progressive Alliance thinks all workers deserve paid time off during the holidays as we bring you this week’s roundup.