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Posts on ‘March 23rd, 2014’

Weekend link dump for March 23

I am Locutus of WalMart. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. If you think coverage of Hillary Clinton is bad now, just wait till she actually announces her candidacy for President. Oh, and you’d better get your Hillary Clinton-related domain while you still can. “Looks to me like the fast food workers would benefit […]

The Seattle approach to Uber and Lyft

While we wait in Houston for City Council to take action on amending the taxi and limousine codes to deal with the entry of Uber and Lyft, the city of Seattle took a novel approach to the issue. In a major victory for the city’s taxi cab drivers, the Seattle City Council voted Monday to […]

Can we really measure the economic impact of sports events?

I don’t know, but they’re going to give it a try in Dallas. Spending in the region on mega sporting events since the Dallas Cowboys moved to Arlington could top $1 billion when next month’s Final Four and next year’s college football championship are played. Those numbers — a combination of spending projections for eight […]

We have our first HFD rolling brownout

And nothing bad happened. Three Houston firetrucks were pulled from service Friday morning, the first “brownout” in the city’s fire fleet since the Houston Fire Department’s budget struggles came to light in early February. In keeping with a plan Fire Chief Terry Garrison announced last month that called for trucks in areas with lower call […]