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Posts on ‘September 7th, 2017’

Fifth Circuit stays voter ID ruling

Ugh. The state of Texas can use its revised voter ID measure for the upcoming November elections, a divided federal appeals court ruled on Tuesday. The 2-1 decision, first reported by Politico Tuesday night, came from a panel of three federal judges on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans — and it […]

Local government buildings took it on the chin from Harvey

Houses, businesses, schools, churches, government offices – the destruction caused by Harvey and the bill to fix it all keeps adding up. Local governments grappled Tuesday with the staggering costs of responding to and cleaning up after Hurricane Harvey, a trifecta of wrecked infrastructure and damaged buildings, around-the-clock overtime for rescue and recovery and a […]

From the “Stupid haters gonna stupidly hate” department

It’s the same basic story we hear about every time there’s a natural disaster, though with a bit of a twist this time. When Sandy hit the New York metropolitan area in 2012, the floodwaters in Lower Manhattan were still rising when some pastors pointed out what, to them, was obvious. “God is systematically destroying […]

Texas blog roundup for the week of September 4

The Texas Progressive Alliance suggests a donation to the United Way Houston Relief Fund to help everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey as it brings you this week’s roundup. Off the Kuff celebrated the federal court ruling that halted enforcement of the “sanctuary cities” ban before it went into effect. SocraticGadfly, from up in North Texas, […]