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Robinson Warehouse: What a difference a week makes

After taking these pictures last Monday, I was unable to get back to the Robinson Warehouse at all this week. As you’ll see, there’s been quite a bit of progress in the demolition since then. But before I get to that, let me share with you the following way cool comment, which came from this November 30 post:

I have been enjoying your pictures of the demolition. Please keep the pictures coming as I do not live in Houston any longer. The building is all concrete, brick, and steel with a full basement. It had also been selected as the area civil defense shelter back in the 60’s. We were told demolition would be difficult. The building had long since seen its best days and I will be glad to see a significant structure go up in its place.

Charles Robinson, Past President, Robinson Public Warehouse Co.

Well, thanks very much! I’m so glad people have enjoyed this series. It’s been fun and interesting to do, even if I feel like everyone driving past on Montrose is thinking “what is that weirdo with the camera doing?” each time I drop by.

On to the pictures:

Notice anything missing? Yep, the front facade, the piece of the structure that was right on Montrose, is no more. That must have happened on Saturday, because I did drive past it then while doing errands for Lights in the Heights, it was still there. On Sunday, when I finally had the time to snap these pics, it was gone.

Click on for more.

Here’s the view from the southeast corner of Allen Parkway and Montrose, basically the same shot as the front facade one above, except for the facade not being there. Well, pieces of it are still there. I imagine it’ll take a little time to clean it all up, but the hard part is over.

That picture was taken from where the northwest corner of the front facade used to be, and it’s basically what there is still to go. Compare to the sliding floor picture to see how far they’ve come on that.

The back of the warehouse, for which I noted the beginning of the demolition last week. Not as much progress there, but given everything else they’ve done, who’s complaining?

A view across the empty space between the demolished front facade and the still-being-demolished main building. Way in the back, behind the frontloader and on the other side of the vacant lot that may or may not be a part of the Ismaeli Center, is (I believe) the under-construction condos that face West Dallas. I’m going to try to get a view from the Dallas intersection next time, just to see what that looks like. Hopefully, my next update will be sooner.

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