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Robinson Warehouse – Going, going…

And the Robinson Warehouse beat goes on…

Much more progress since Monday. I’ve got more pix than usual this time, so click on for more.

The debris from the front facade demolition has been cleaned up. It’s really amazing how much more open the area feels now that this part of the structure is gone. Remember, we started out with this:

That was four weeks ago. Quite a difference, no?

This picture was taken from the same spot as the previous one. The place was quite the hotbed of activity. I’m a little surprised no one noticed me and tried to run me off.

A view of the basement that Charles Robinson mentioned, from the south end of it. You can get a feel for its depth by looking at the worker in front of the Cat.

The rear view, from the southwest corner. Still a ways to go there.

Back to the north side, this is looking straight in from the driveway on Montrose. See the smaller green building that used to be back there? It’s all gone.

Here’s a different perspective. I walked east a bit on Allen Parkway till I got past the barbed-wire fence. That little green building would have been right in front of me – you can see its slab foundation. The condo development visible from West Dallas is to the left.

And the view from across the street on Montrose. It’s gonna be weird when it’s all gone. I remember driving by the old rice elevator site shortly after it was torn down in the 90s, and being amazed at how much of the downtown skyline I could see from there. It had never occurred to me that it would be visible. I won’t get quite the same feeling here – you can already see some skyline poking through, but those condos will block some of it. Still, just not having the warehouse there, seeing the viod before the new building gets started, that’s gonna be freaky.

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