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Robinson Warehouse – Looking in the basement

I usually start these posts with a long-view perspective of the whole demolition, but I thought this time I’d show a closer view, where you can see more of the basement. I got right up to the edge of the ground floor while looking for my shots. I still can’t believe someone onsite hasn’t run me off. Until I push my luck too far, click on for more.

And here’s the usual long shot. The middle part of the structure is now mostly gone, with just the south end of it remaining.

There’s still a ways to go, though, as you can see from the southern end. I don’t know if the expected completion date of December 31 applies to this site, but if it does, it’s wrong. I just don’t see how the rest of this is gone by then, especially if they take a break for Christmas.

Another view of the basement, from the southern end. I wouldn’t want to walk underneath the not-yet-demolished section, would you? I presume the flooding problems that made this building too prohibitive to rehab were due to the sheer size of the basement.

This arch from the front facade is the last remnant of the front of the building. I’m not sure why it’s still standing, but it is.

The view from the driveway. The big crane with the wrecking ball was rising up, presumably to get back to work. Unfortunately, that and the yellow crane in the back prevented me from getting a good shot of the site from Allen Parkway. Maybe next time. I’ll check back after Christmas.

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