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Weekend link dump for October 4

We’re two weeks out from the start of Early Voting in Houston’s elections. Have you decided who you’re voting for yet?

Time for a pollster ethics panel.

Just call him Bobby No-Show.

Dokken versus chicken. And see Greg for a third option.

Congrats to my friend Julia for her new gig with the Village Voice.

Happy birthday, Coverville!

Texas Tech bans Twitter for its football team. The Washington Post also has Twitter issues.

10 Secret Fast Food Menu Items. I must say, adding a strip of bacon to it is about the only way I’d ever order a veggie burger.

Teabagging, 70’s-style.

Cellphone elbow.

Some good links about Roman Polanski.

Hey, Rice University. Make sure this guy gets dumped as part of the Baylor merger.

Shame, shame, shame on you, Hyatt.

Apple wimps out.

The Texas Tribune sure has generated a lot of buzz.

If the US Chamber of Commerce wants to play the part of the village idiot on climate change, then it deserves to wither and die.

Heckuva job, NRSC.

Let’s get this straight. I am an “unpaid blogger”. This guy? Not so much.

The NBA’s new social media guidelines.

I’m with Ezra. Jim Henley would be an awesome addition to the WaPo editorial page.

I always suspected those squirrels were up to no good.

Tufts University is objectively pro-sexiling.

Animals with light sabers. In case you needed to be reminded why God gave us the Internet in the first place.

Yes, it is possible for the story of Ted Williams’ cryogenically frozen body to get weirder.

Meet your 2009 Ig Nobel Prize winners.

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