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Weekend link dump for October 18

You have to wonder what Tom Lehrer would have made of tweeting in Church.

Are you the unknown liberal?

if big media companies really want Google to stop “stealing” their content, they can make that happen today, all by themselves.

Columnist, heal thyself.

Eddie Murphy predicted the housing bubble. Well, okay, only sort of.

Some people really like making Nazi analogies. I guess it’s easier than thinking.

From the Department of People Who Have Too Much Time On Their Hands: Food flags.

What could you do with 63 hours? In all honesty, I’d probably waste most of it surfing the Internet.

Discovery Green is very green.

Not everybody is impressed by Malcolm Gladwell.

Damned if they do…

I too would favor a big government solution to the problem of way too loud TV commercials.

Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?

No NFL team for you, Rush.

Apparently, I’m a super liberal. Well, I think I’m pretty good, but modesty prevents me from going any farther than that.

The Ten Worst Halloween Costumes of the Year. So far. Unless you think these are even worse.

Funny pictures are the reason why God gave us the Internet.

Calvin Trillin says what needs to be said.

Where those Heights arson fires have been.

Oh, Beyonce.

Tony Perkins lies a lot for money.

Beyond cutting edge, baby!

Dead people generally aren’t a threat to anybody.

Grab a mop!

The Wait Wait Pumpkin Carving Contest. Surely you can do better than Pumpkin Blagojevich.

Want the country to fail? There’s an app for that.

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