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Weekend link dump for October 25

Good grief, it’s almost Halloween already…

Mythbusting personal genomics.

The Secret Service is under a lot of strain.

Toke ’em if you got ’em, assuming you live in an appropriate state and have medical reasons for doing so.

Have you submitted your entry in the Wait Wait Pumpkin Carving Contest yet?

The Chamber of Commerce gets punk’d.

“Dark Side Of The Moon” remake. I’m interested. Via ‘stina.

Of all the things Smokey Joe Barton could be doing with his time, this is among the more productive.

How much does that light bulb really cost?

No, I don’t think “Land of the Lost” will affect public attitudes about smoking, either.

Contrarianism isn’t a problem, but lazy contrarianism is.

New caption fail.

Yeah, I’ll be happy when Carrie Prejean is no longer news, too.

The NFL’s stadium binge. Get ready for the owners to take a hard line on the players’ union.

Remembering the Houston Gamblers.

A “weak” dollar is a good thing right now.

In addition to everything else, apparently Rick Perry has a Jerry Jones complex.

Is Google actually afraid of Bing? I see a fair amount of Bing referrals in my logs these days, but I can’t say I’ve ever used it.

We’re number eight!

Double dutch!

Hey, little minivan, bears think you’re delicious.

Mark Sanford goes Galt.

Frank Rich writes about Balloon Boy. And that’s the only time you’ll see me mention that silliness here.

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