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FTA gives preliminary engineering approval to University line

Hot dog!

The Federal Transit Administration notified Metro on Monday that the line has been approved to move into the Preliminary Engineering phase of the Transit Administration’s matching-funds program. Two other light rail lines, the North and Southeast corridors, are further along in the federal approval process.


[US Rep. John] Culberson contended last week in a letter to the Federal Transit Administration that Metro’s finances were precarious and he questioned the agency’s ability to build all five lines. The Houston Republican took advantage of a 10-day congressional comment period that is part of the approval process.

In a statement Wednesday night, Culberson said he still expects “a transparent process where the public can review how their tax dollars are being spent.”

As far as that goes, I’m happy to agree with Culberson. The process should be as transparent as possible. I also hope we can get a process that’s free of meddlesome stalling tactics from our elected representatives. Surely neither of these things is too much to ask.

Anyway. That’s one interminably dragged out federal hurdle cleared, some uncountable number of equally dragged out federal hurdles to go. This counts as progress.

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