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This implosion is brought to you by…

Only in Dallas

Texas Stadium will come down this spring in a “Cheddar Explosion.”

That’s the name that Kraft Foods has given to its promotional campaign for the implosion of the iconic structure.

In its last act of 2009, the Irving City Council on Thursday unanimously approved Kraft Foods as the official sponsor for the demolition.

“It’s a good deal for us and a good deal for them,” council member Rose Cannaday said during the 15-minute special meeting.

As part of the deal, Kraft will pay Irving a $75,000 sponsorship fee prior to the demolition for charities selected by the city. The company will also provide $75,000 worth of Kraft products for local charities of its choice.

Next week, Kraft will launch a national essay contest for children as part of its promotional campaign, said Maura Gast, executive director of the Irving Convention and Visitors Bureau. The winner will get to trigger the detonation at the public demolition.

Not a bad idea, actually. Though if you really wanted to maximize profits on this, I’d have gone with an auction for the right to push the button. The winning bid might have been in seven figures. Perhaps we ought to keep this in mind if we ever do demolish the Astrodome.

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  1. […] was the winner of a national essay contest for children for the right to push the button. I don’t think I can add anything to that. Irving officials […]