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There ought to be an app for that

Smartphone app writers of the town, unite!

Want to count calories, diagnose car trouble or kill time fighting an imaginary war? There’s a Houston-made app for that.

As sales of smart phones continue to grow, local technology advocates hope to make Houston a hotbed for developing mobile applications.

“It’s where all the new innovations are happening,” said Kurt Stoll, co-founder of Startup Houston, a local blog that promotes Houston technology, and an organizer of an upcoming app development camp. “Houston is not going to establish itself as the next Web 2.0 or social media hub. That boat’s already sailed to several other cities.”


Early mobile apps in the U.S. came from Silicon Valley, New York and Boston, according to Gartner.

But because Houston also has a large software development community, especially around the energy and health care industries, creating phone apps here makes sense, said William Clark, a research vice president at Gartner.

“You have that skill base, and it’s a logical way to train your developers,” he said.

Locally, individual entrepreneurs and established firms are banking on everything from games to health care to engineering apps.

May I suggest that y’all don’t forget about government and public service apps? There’s a lot of opportunity to do something genuinely useful there.

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