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No texting while driving in Conroe

Conroe is set to join the parade of cities banning texting while driving.

The ordinance is expected to be introduced at the March 25 meeting and could take effect in April. Those in violations of the proposed law would face fines of up to $500.

The proposed ordinance would cover any text-based communication, such as electronic mail, a text message, instant message or Internet browsing while the vehicle is in operation. The ordinance would also cover the use of such devices when the vehicle is stopped or standing in a roadway in the city.

Under the proposal, the ordinance would allow a defense for phone calls as well as the use of global positioning systems or navigation systems.

Defenses also can be used for summoning emergency assistance for police, fire or medical issues, for reporting accidents or serious traffic hazards or while the car is standing in legal parking areas at the side of the road.

“It’s pretty self explanatory,” said Councilwoman Marsha Porter. “It’s pretty hard to drive and text unless you are driving with your knees.”

Trust me on this: It’s very possible to text one-handed. Not that I would ever do such a thing while driving, of course. In any event, add another data point to the total. How many such bans do you think will have been enacted by the time the Lege convenes next January?

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  1. […] but I rather doubt it will happen. My guess is that San Antonio will follow the example of many other Texas cities and simply ban texting while driving. And again, I expect this to come up before […]