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McNair to vote to change overtime

Good for him.

Bob McNair will vote yes when NFL owners cast their ballots next week to change overtime for playoff games.

McNair doesn’t like the sudden-death system that’s been in place since 1974.

“I’m in favor of changing it,” McNair said. “I don’t like the prospects of going into overtime, losing a coin flip, and we might not even get the ball.”

The NFL spring meetings begin Sunday in Orlando, Fla., and the competition committee that includes Texans general manager Rick Smith is recommending that overtime be changed in the playoffs to allow each team at least one possession if the team that wins the coin toss kicks a field goal.


“They’re talking about something that makes sense,” McNair said. “I’d be in favor of something like that, where you can’t lose by a field goal on the first possession. I like it better if you have a chance to get the ball, too, and a touchdown wins.”

As you know, I prefer the college overtime system, which feels to me like extra innings in baseball. That it always allows each team a chance to be on offense is why I like it. But this change, however tiny, is still better than what the NFL has now.

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  1. […] easy way in the NFL. Better make sure all of the refs get a thorough education on this. And yes, as promised, Texans owner Bob McNair voted for the rule change, and will support bringing it to the regular […]