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Are they finally building something on the Robinson Warehouse site?

Remember the Robinson Warehouse? It’s been more than three years now since the old building at Montrose and Allen Parkway was demolished, and the site has been fallow ever since. But in the last week or so, some signs of life, or at least impending construction, have appeared.

What are they building here?

What are they building here?

I guess they're the ones to ask about it

I guess they're the ones to ask about it

You may recall that the land had been bought by the Aga Khan Foundation with the intent of building a Muslim Ismaeli center there. After all this time, I have no idea if that’s still the plan and it just took them longer than they might have thought to get it going, or if the property has changed hands and something else is about to be built. Anybody know what’s up? Swamplot to the white courtesy phone, please.

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  1. Texas Aggie says:

    Not sure if this is absolutely the case, but it may just be the construction office for the construction along the north side of Memorial Drive extending the trail from the HPD memorial to Studemont. That is also being done by MDC. They probably leased the land from the owner for the on-site project office.

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