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Runoff results

Going by early vote totals, it seems likely that the remaining Democratic nominees will be Tanner Garth, Bob Thomas, Bruce Kessler, and Deborah Wright. On the Republican side, Danny Dexter and James Lombardino look to be in good shape for their judicial races, while Dan Huberty has the inside track for HD127, and Jared Woodfill appears to have hung on as Party chair.

For state results, the Trib has a live wire and a liveblog going. Incumbent State Rep. Delwin Jones is in trouble, but Fred Brown is leading. Debra Lehrman is leading for the Supreme Court, and non-wingnut (at least, non-endorsed-by-Cynthia-Dunbar) SBOE candidate Marsha Farney is out front. The polls are just now closing in El Paso, so it’s too early to say if State Rep. Norma Chavez will hold off challenger Naomi Gonzalez or not. I’ll update later when more results are in.

UPDATE: Marc Brown has mostly erased Danny Dexter’s lead but still trails by about 300 votes. Other Harris County races are the same. Delwin Jones has lost, Fred Brown has won, and Norma Chavez trails by a bit after early voting. Lehrman and Farney continue to lead.

UPDATE: According to the Trib, Lerhman has been declared the winner in the Supreme Court race, and it’s hard to see how Farney fails to win. Those results make this more of a mixed night for the hard right. They knocked off Delwin Jones, and Van Taylor took Brian McCall’s open seat, so they did well at the local level, but not statewide or in SBOE10. It’s looking like a late night in El Paso, with Gonzalez leading Chavez by less than 200 votes but with more than 60% of precincts counted.

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