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The Worker’s Comp Commissioner fires back

How can you tell when whistleblowers are having an effect? When the entitiy they blew the whistle on attacks them.

As the Division of Workers’ Compensation heads into a public hearing at the Sunset Advisory Commission next week, Commissioner Rod Bordelon is blasting his former employees for their allegations in the Texas Tribune earlier this month, putting the blame on them for abuse and mismanagement in the system. The former staff members, who were in charge of investigating medical fraud by doctors in the workers’ comp system, say the agency – and specifically the Commissioner – failed to sanction or enforce dozens of doctors who are abusing the workers’ comp system, possibly for political reasons.

Bordelon calls the allegations “completely false and baseless” in a letter to lawmakers who sit on the Sunset Commission, which is currently overseeing the top-down review of the Division.

Click the link to read the letter. Let’s just say I look forward to those legislative hearings that we’ve been promised.

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