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Weekend link dump for June 6

Happy birthday, Olivia!!!

Now that’s what I call hugging it out.

How to tell if you’re really dealing with a mad scientist. I say if they don’t have a degree in mad science, they don’t qualify.

Sex and Money, Part I, and Part II. A good companion piece to Part II is The Abominable Shellfish.

“Sex and the City 2” works better if you think of it as a science fiction movie. And never underestimate propaganda value, regardless of what else it might mean.

Along the same lines, you may need to think of the “Marmaduke” movie as something other than a “comedy”. On second thought, maybe it’s best not to think about it at all.

“What we’re seeing here is a perfect circus of media nothingball: people aggressively criticising the administration for not acting aggressively enough while aggressively ignoring the fact that they oppose anything aggressive the administration does.”

If BP were a human being, it might actually suffer some consequences for its actions. Fortunately, corporations are only considered human beings for campaign contribution purposes.

IE6 must die.

Full speed in reverse!

Remember how every time there was a cold day this winter, the usual gang of yahoos would show up in various comment threads joking about global warming? Funny how these guys seem to disappear when the weather gets hot, isn’t it?

Being a “fiscal conservative” means never having to justify any amount of spending on wars. And never having to apologize for shafting the poor.

David Vitter is Big Pollution’s best friend.

Twelve events that may or may not change everything.

I believe the proper expression is “If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen”. What a bunch of wimps.

Your ad here.

Bye-bye, Artur. You can hold hands with Parker on your way out of the House.

Some marriage breakups are unexpected and disheartening. Some others, not so much.

The artistic possibilities of giant inflatables.

Don’t email the CEO.

Make it so, Sir Patrick.

Apparently, KFC is huge in China.

All I know is that “Schoolhouse Rock” made it all look so much simpler.

You win, South Carolina. Your politicians are crazier than ours.

They’re too sexy for their jobs.

Two words: Nipple clogs. I got nothin’.

Citing Karl Rove as an example of virtue is always ridiculous.

Whoever said intellectual property law was boring?

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  1. about the IE6 thing. Really I don’t like the newset. I mean it is everything that everyone complained about with win vista . to much of “do you want to do this? are your sure? are you sure you’re sure??” kind of thing. but yeah 6 was insecure. but truth be known IE needs to be rebuilt in it’s entirety.