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Weekend link dump for July 18

A short list for a short week.

The US Postal Service treats its employees right.

The picture-is-worth-a-thousand-words case for extending unemployment insurance.

Being a “deficit hawk” means opposing anything and everything that would actually shrink the deficit.

Besides, tax cuts are always the answer.

Remember the sandwich in a can? The story just keeps getting better.

The story of the perfect bid on “The Price Is Right”.

Sometimes, street theater is just street theater.

Yes, contraceptives should be covered. Why is this even controversial?

Paul the Octopus versus the Geico Gecko.

The spirit of Bill Veeck lives on.

One man’s opinion of the five worst Houston sports moments. I’m with commenter Jared – the Stockton three-pointer in 97 was far worse than the Pujols homer off of Lidge in 2005. I mean, the Stros still won that series against the Cardinals. Stockton took them out. There’s no comparison. The others I agree with, though I too think the Bills game in 1993 has to be number one.

Songs for Lois, the corpse flower.

In defense of Drayton.

Blagojevich ringtones. You know you bleeping want one.

Got spam? Here’s something good you can do with it.

It’s impossible to parody Louie Gohmert, but The Onion does its best. It still sounds all too real to me, though.

I want a copy of “Galactic Rebellion For Dummies”.

The RIAA’s business plan really sucks.

“From 2002 to 2009, the crime rate in Maricopa County has increased 58 percent, while the state as a whole averaged a 12 percent decrease. Compare that 58 percent crime increase to other localities of Arizona that did not use the immigrant-targeting approach. In that same time period, Phoenix enjoyed a 14 percent decrease; Tempe, a 26 percent decrease; and Mesa, a 31 percent decrease.” Heck of a job, Sheriff Arpaio!

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