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Weekend link dump for August 15

Fareed Zakaria is a mensch.

No, you shouldn’t start a non-profit.

“CSI: Paris”.

Ted Olson still has a lot to atone for, given his role in the “Bush v. Gore” decision, but he’s working on it. Oh, and his counterpart David Boies is doing all right, too. And if there is a God like the one Tony Perkins believes in, he’d have been struck down dead years ago.

Maybe we should rethink lifetime tenure for Supreme Court justices.

Change the Senate? Blasphemy! Change the Constitution? Why not?

The great unpaving. Which isn’t great at all.

There’s always someone to resent.

Apparently, Einstein was a socialist. Or something.

Blame the economists. Works for me.

The very positive case for birthright citizenship.

There’s no such thing as sacred ground in Manhattan.

My kind of protest.

Republican Governors are less economically illiterate than Republican members of Congress. Rick Perry excepted, of course.

Have I mentioned lately that Debbie Riddle is a lunatic?

When in doubt, listen to Teresa. Listening to Jesse is a good idea, too.

The limits, and evolution of Wikipedia.

The limits of “environmentalism”.

What TBogg said.

Note to self: This is a good week to be out of town

Simply not opposing gay marriage would be, by far, the more sensible and humane option.

Spelling is hard.


I don’t quite understand the point of gift cards, and I now understand the allure of them even less.

Never underestimate the low tech solution.

I for one welcome our new robot overlords.

Some reporters sure do have some weird fantasies.

I’m neither hipster nor preppie, so I guess that makes me timeless.

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One Comment

  1. Robert Nagle says:

    1. I stopped contributing to Wikipedia because of an editorial dispute.

    2. From that same article, it’s always interesting how MSM is always discovering that blogging is a passe fad. Isn’t it getting tiresome?