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Endorsement watch: What took them so long?

Nearly a full week into early voting, the last of the five major dailies, the Star Telegram, endorses Bill White.

The hard economic reality of 2010 is that Texans deserve a governor who can work effectively on a national level.

Democrat Bill White, 56, is a seasoned public servant on the municipal and federal levels. And that experience shouldn’t be viewed with the disdain that Perry continually heaps on it.

This state should be benefiting from federal programs ranging from education to highways to disaster relief. Perry, 60, loudly lambastes Washington from one side of his mouth while complaining from the other that the state isn’t receiving its fair share of federal dollars.

The Star Telegram was the one major daily to recommend Chris Bell in 2006, so their endorsement here is less of a surprise than some others. I just wonder what took them so long.

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