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RIP, Carlos Guerra

I join Greg and Stace in mourning the loss of former Express News columnist and blogger Carlos Guerra.

Carlos Guerra, a former columnist at the San Antonio Express-News, was found dead Monday in Port Aransas, officials there said.

Officers with the Port Aransas Police Department found Guerra in the one-bedroom condominium where he was staying on Mustang Island, said Lt. Darryl Johnson.

The cause of death is unknown.

His body will be transferred to the Nueces County Medical Examiner’s Office, Johnson said.

Guerra, 63, retired from the Express-News in 2009.

Carlos had been staying at the Casa Condominiums since Nov. 3, said Port Aransas City Councilman Keith Donley, a friend and the condominium’s owner.

He was scheduled to check out Monday morning. When he hadn’t left by 1 p.m., housekeeping staff knocked on the door. Guerra didn’t answer, so they went inside and found him lying on his living room floor.


Though Guerra mostly kept to himself, he was known throughout the complex as a kind person.

“Everybody that knew him at Casa — I’m talking about the staff, whether it be housekeeping or the front desk — if you ask them, they’d say, ‘What a nice guy,’” Donley said. “Which is not a bad epitaph, is it?”

No, it isn’t. He was also a hell of a writer and a sharp thinker, and his death leaves a big void. Rest in peace, Carlos Guerra.

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